USB cable not drawing enough Power for XBOX, Wtf?

Back in Dec I bought an eightarc ISO pearl for my PS3. @ an OFC I had it dual modded by J&J and it works great. The only issue I’ve encountered is if I don’t use the USB cable that came with the stick, the stick won’t work on XBOX. Works fine with PS3 and PC but not my XBOX. If I use my original cable it’s just fine. So the only issue i can think of is that it’s not drawing enough power. Is there something else I could be missing?

Never heard of that… have you tried other usb cables? Maybe its the lenth of the new usb cable you use? try another similar in lenth or shorter than your cable that came with the eightarc…

Chances are it’s not a power draw issue, but rather the signal integrity. Cables for low speed devices have different specs than those for high speed devices. That’s why your mouse cable is thinner than your printer cable.

I seen this issue before, its usually due to what toodles said ether a low speed or cheap cable.
I usually swap my USB cables for one thats beefy enough to beat a full grown man to death with.

So why does it work on PS3? What is the difference that it would work on PS3 and PC and not XBox? I get the cable, jus curious…

Not entirely sure, and it would take some specialized equipment to determine for sure. My best guess is the biggest culprit is the cable not being rated for full speed when the Xbox360 pcb in your stick is a full speed peripheral (this assumes the PS3 pcb is a low speed device; I have no info either way), with a minor possibility of the USB system on the Xbox360 console being more suceptible to noise on the line, if the 360 mode works on your PC but not the console.

Interesting. Wonder if this offers any insight. The 2 PCBs I have is the XBOX360 MvC stick and the PS3/PC one is your ChimpSMD. The reason I thought power because I added your Spark Optical Sensor so I assumed it needed more power…

The Chimp is a full speed device, I guess it’s just better at handling the rough signal conditions than the 360 pcb :slight_smile:

Lol I’ll see what I can do to swap out the port on the stick’s end. Right now its usb M to M type A. That makes it a bitch to find. If i switch the port to my stick to B should male the likelihood getting better quality of usb cable. Hope that works thanks for help.
Male A to Male A
They’re cheap. To be safe, pick up a 15’, 10’, and a 6’.

o_O Toodles you the man. I’ll try those… This will save me tons of time.

Monoprice: The only place you should ever buy cables from.


So I ordered 6 cables from monoprice, 3,6,10 foot USB 2.0 cables in both black and white. Tried all 6 and got the same result. Something interesting I did discover. Since I was under the idea of power consumption being a problem the only thing addtional I installed in it was Spark Optical Sensor which does need a bit of power. And boom! It sees the stick…

Video of it:

The stick still works on PS3 and PC just fine… Only other thing I could imagine it being is the actual xbox but sadly I don’t have an extra one to try it out on…

Well that’s messed up.
When you plug it into the Xbox with the Spark powered, does the Chimp LED go to Blue+Green or stay Red+Blue?

blue green

Where did you tap in for power for the spark?

Vcc port on the side.

See? =P

Im curious about something if you’re up for giving it a try. On the five pin connector on the Spark, the pin furthest away from the three pin power connector is ground.
If you would, take one of the ground QD’s going to a button, take it off the button, unplug the five pin from the Spark, and put the QD on the ground pin of the 5 pin connector on the Spark itself, then try it.

With the ground QD on that ground pin on the Spark, and the power cable plugged in, the Spark will be fully powered, but not connected to the signal lines. Im trying to determine if it truly is a power based problem or something not happy with the signals from the Spark.

Hmmm… I wonder if tapping from the usb power cord itself before the board would make a difference… Thats how i tapped mine… Mine isnt dual though.

Nah, electrically its the same node with the ChimpSMD.