USB Cable Replacement for Josytron Exchanger Arcade Stick


Hello Tech Guys,

Please help me, my USB Cable of my Joytron Exchanger Arcade Stick is broken and I’m trying to find a replacement cable for it.

I don’t want to solder the USB Cable to the PCB but would like to find a replacement cable instead.

I have already sent several e-mails to joytron but they haven’t replied. I have tried to find the exact same USB Cable somewhere on the internet with no luck. I have even tried to find any other input device that might have the same usb connector so that I can take that away from it but still no luck.

I’m counting on you techy guys now. Has anyone ever seen anything similar or any idea where I could get it.

It has 4 wires red white green and black and also only 4 “slots” for the wires. So the connector is completely full. I have seen that other arcade sticks tend to have 5 wires and a different connector such as the qanba sticks (which actually have replacement usb cable to buy)


Someone can probably give you the exact model number, but it looks like it’s using a pretty standard plug.
You’d just need to buy the jack and the pins, cut up a new USB cable, and crimp down the connector.