USB -> CPS2 Converter?

I know Undamned does it somehow (probably makes the converters himself, the slick bastard!) but I don’t know where to look, or even how to begin.
And if I did find a way, how would I make it as “lagless” as possible? Does the UD-CPS2 have an inherit lag? Does it accept all sticks? Or just PS3/360 ones?
I assume it doesn’t since a TON of people play on them all the time. Any help would be great!

I have a Super Turbo cabinet and while I love the Eurosticks and concave buttons, it’s hard to spread the love of ST when the game is in a huge and heavy cabinet.

Quoting Toodles, scientifically all converters have some delay, even id its less than 1 ms.

I don’t have scientific data for you, but I wired a UD USB converter to a SNES game pad
On games like platformers,fighters and shmups where timing is critical I didn’t have issues.

The UD-CPS2 should accept most sticks. You’ll have to contact undamned if there’s a specific one that it doesn’t.

Controller lag on the prototype board I tested was very low (on the order of 1 ms.) It should not cause any issues.

I wired up a prototype also. Super easy to work with and likely the same compatibility as what is in UD-CPS2 since I think it’s the same device. No idea about the lag but good enough to be used for ToL2/X-Mania USA at Evo.