Usb device help on new cpu

any quick help appreciated…i have a ps2 to usb adapter that i cant remember the name of but it has a green light on the top left corner and a blue oval shaped button that isnt a button. maybe which type it is isnt important. but my problem is that my new cpu cant auto detect or understand what it is. is there any type of unversal driver i can get that would fix this. or any other answers to fix this problem


Can you tell us what OS your new cpu runs on? A good idea might be to connect the adapter to another cpu (your old one if you still have it) that recognizes it so that it can tell you what the device is and even self-install the drivers. Hopefully, it list the manufacturer as well so that you can Google them for updated drivers and such.

If your new cpu at least makes an indication that there is some unknown device attached to it, you could pull the drivers from a cpu that recognizes it and use it when the new cpu says “where are the car keys for this thing”?

Hope that helps.

Going to need the OS.

If its windows and it doesn’t autodetect/you don’t know the name, you’re pretty much hosed.

its this one

Nexxtech PSOne and PS2 to USB Adapter / Radio Shack PSX-to-USB Game Adapter with Vibration Driver / Sector 7 (Orbyx Electronics) Model 5810257

windows xp btw

think this is it…

I intalled a new cpu and my computer wont start? I bought a new cpu for my computer that i know works with my motherboard. When i installed it it goes to the boot up menu and freezes. I re-installed the old cpu and it works fine. Why is this happening and how can i fix it. Its an intel pentium dual core. Thanks.

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