USB dongle "converter" to get Any/All PS3 Joysticks to work everywhere?


I keep seeing questions pop up about people with PS3 joysticks (Madcatz mostly) and PC compatibility. Anyone with Nvidia chipsets knows that those are problematic, and the solution for it is a PCI/PCI-E add-in board. I’m wondering about those with laptops though. Is there a USB dongle/converter for “on the go”, so to speak? Could even be a USB splitter/dongle thing. I have a PS3 Hori FE that works great/perfect on my PC, but I worry about taking it somewhere that may or may not have the same compatibility, and bringing an add-in card is simply not viable.

Edit: Without input lag hopefully. And if there’s a list of dongles to use, I’ll edit this and put them in the OP.


There was the CronusMAX, not sure how well they work, or if they’re laggy and I think a lot of events still ban them, including EVO, but yeah, USB fightstick converters are out there :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t even bring up the Cronus. There banned in most events/tournaments. And there concerns about the device breaking USB ports.

Yeah there USB adapters out there and they all suck.

The closes thing I trust, and it will not work on its own is a Undamed USB encoder. It can be wired to another controller PCB to make a effective USB converter.


The problem described in the OP only applies to early MadCatz TEs that weren’t officially Sony licensed products. The USB issue was fixed starting with the Chun-li TEs. As long as the home button on the stick has the PlayStation “PS” logo on it and not a generic pic of a house, it should work on all platforms with a USB port.


I was wondering the same thing but would like to use a ps3 neo geo pad on xb360


it isn’t so hard to wire up a common ground Xbox 360 Pad as a NEO GEO adapter and use a actual Neo geo controller from the AES or CD consoles.


Why an actual neo geo pad?


If I recall correctly, the Neo Geo pads don’t really have any encoding on them. The PCBs basically just act as flattened wiring meaning it’s super easy to hook them up to any other PCB.


Controllers for the NEO GEO CD, AES and MVS systems has no encoder, and few NEO GEO controllers even needs the 5 volts for power.
The Game pad that came with the NEO GEO CD console needs 5 volts but thats it. I Also think sticks and pads that have turbo also needs the voltage.

Overall its far easier to make a system adapter that connects the DB 15 of the NEGO GEO by modifying a Xbox controller then it is trying to get the PS3 version working with the Xbox 360.

Here is a NEO GEO Plus pinout that used for Super Guns (as Neo Geo only supports 4 buttons and most superguns support up to 6)