USB extension cable for stick - anything to worry about?


The cord of my stick (PS3 R1 TE if it matters) is a little too short for me now that I’ve changed my setup and need to route it behind my entertainment shelf. So I figured the obvious solution would be to get a USB extension cable (this one specifically).

Do I have to worry about a USB extension possibly causing dropped inputs/lag, not being recognized by the PS3, or anything of that sort? I’m assuming that they don’t cause any problems since they’re such a simple product, but I just wanted to make sure before buying one.


you may want to consider a hub instead… - FAQ: Cables, Connectors, and Networking


Good link ashram! Overall, you’re looking at a theoretical limit of ~16ft. The TE cord is ~13ft. I’ve seen some people who’ve had issues with longer cords and their rj-45 cthulhu mods and such when they even hit 15ft. The thing that mostly happens is that the usb device (in this case, your TE stick) won’t even get enough power, so it won’t register. So it’s not a matter of dropped inputs, it’s a matter of things not working. However, I’ve seen people go up to 25ft with usb cables and have had no issues. So it’s kind of hit or miss in that regard.

You can overcome this with powered usb extenders, but I don’t know if that would cause any input delays, and it would obviously be more costly. Tripp Lite U026-016 USB2.0 16-Feet Certified Active Extension Cable: Gateway

Here’s the thing, that usb cord you linked to is only $5 for ~10ft. Personally, I’d bite the bullet and try it out. If anything, it’s $5, and usb extension cords can be quite handy for other purposes, should this not work for you. I don’t know the exact length you need for your setup, but if you only need an extra 3ft, you can scale down. Amazon has other “sellers” (such as eforcity - with much cheaper and viable cable options, so you can purchase a few different cord lengths for about the same price as this one cord. Good luck!


we deal with this issue all the time at work… someone wants to place a printer somewhere else and but like 3 10 foot usb extensions, then wonder why it’s not working. i have tried some of these extenders for thing other than gaming and it’s been hit or miss. some work, some do with different devices. never thought about adding a joystick, or any gaming peripheral ever…


16FT 5M ACTIVE USB 2.0 A-A F/M EXTENSION REPEATER CABLE - eBay (item 270560837397 end time Oct-06-10 00:27:57 PDT)

Here’s the cable I’ve used to run between my Living room and bedroom. I have had zero problems with lag or delay.


^Yeah, we used repeaters like those where I used to work for USB presentation boards for getting the connection from the board to a PC on the other side of a room. Ran some almost 50+ foot runs with them without ever having a problem.


Went for a cheaper one on amazon sold by eforcity, as suggested by xpulse. I can probably get away with only adding 6 feet, so I ordered this for $1.93 shipped.

I’ll report back after I get it if anyone’s interested.


The extension just came through the mail, it works perfectly and the build quality isn’t even that bad.

Just figured I’d post some closure.


Yep, hit or miss. Wow, 19ft off a plain USB connection. Glad it works!


You should prefer buying a good quality USB cable extension which properly supports your console.
Don’t buy much longer USB cable with poor inbuilt quality, it might cause in poor output and input signals etc.
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