Usb extension ok?


I just got my Hori HRAP 3 for PS3… love the stick. My PS3 is in a rack far away from the home theater seats. Is a USB extension cord okay to use or will that ruin the input response? Something like a 10 or 15 ft extension.


Don’t think USB loses signal speed until about 20 FT. So you may just want a 10 FT extension, the stock cord is 3 meters which is approx. 9.8 FT. So a 10 FT extension would probably best.


Oops, nevermind I was wrong, its 5m max length.


Max length is 16 feet. Any longer and you must use a powered USB hub. Eg, you can go 16 feet into a powered hub, then another 16 feet.

If you stay at 16 feet or less then for sure you won’t have any lag even if you use multiple USB extension cables. If you go through a powered USB hub I seriously doubt you would have any lag. I use 3 powered hubs in my HT to connect mouse, keyboard, microphones, etc and never have had any lag playing computer games. I even chain 2 hubs, so it goes PC to hub to hub to devices.


By “powered USB”, does that include hubs that are powered by the USB port itself? Or are you saying you want a hub that has a separate power supply?


Hub itself needs to be powered - with its one power supply unit.


Found this, might be helpful to you:


Thanks for the info, guys!


No it doesn’t, you can get an active USB cable and they can be daisy chained. If you have a Fry’s in your area they have them.


Might there be additional loss at the site of the extension plug? Either way, even 12 feet is probably more than enough distance unless you’re trying to play your games in a theatre or something.


Thanks! I had actually ordered an active USB extension cable before seeing the replies above, so I’ll let you all know how it works. It was only $9, so no biggie if it doesn’t work.


Rats. When I plug it in, the XBox appears to refuse to recognize the controller. So plugging the controller directly in the box works, but using this active extension cable appears to not work. I had heard that MS is pretty proprietary, so it doesn’t surprise me that it didn’t work. Kind of frustrating, though.