USB Fighting Stick?


First off im new here, and im just getting into the street fighter scene. I dont play competitively (though id like to eventually) but for now i just have some bros over and we play some SF2HDR. But back to the point here.

what do you guys think of these sticks, were talking for casual gamers right now, i just want to sticks for me and some friends.

What i plan on doing is buying some cheap sticks just to play with, then this summer probably get the tournament edition madcatz stick, and in the middle slowly mod one of my sticks with parts(which thank god this site has some pretty intelligent people when it comes to that stuff)

TL;DR; are these sticks good for casual SF players?


Man, you know on that site there are customer reviews right underneath the item description?


yes i know, but i assume a site that is an expert on the specific gaming series ill be playing would have some better insight


I am a casual player myself, but I believe spending for something that’s good the first time around. :slight_smile:

Don’t buy that stick, buy a Hori Real Arcade Pro (PS3) or Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (360). Both sticks are great quality and easily moddable (so that when you decide to become a serious player, you don’t need to buy a new stick, just new parts to pimp out your stick).

Just my opinion, don’t spend less for something crappy. Buy it right the first time. There are a lot more expensive sticks out there but I myself got a Hori.

Hope this helps, and hope someone else echoes the same opinion. :slight_smile:

Edit: By the way, here’s a good link for you to check out some Hori sticks:


Well, experts don’t use $30 sticks assembled out of a trash can in Taiwan.


you make a good point, but it seems almost all “good” sticks are sold out, and the next shipment is already backordered :confused:

tough situation.


I think you missed my point entirely


What is your point, exactly? In your first post, you said you wanted some cheap sticks just to get by. These sticks are damn cheap. The reviews are 3.5/5 which means it is average, just the way you like it. What’s your point?


I feel you. I had to go through a lot to get my own stick.

I’m not sure if holding out is an option for you because if you’re willing to wait, why shell out for something that you will end up replacing in a few months’ time? (You mentioned you would like a nice TE in the future)

If you would like to get something now, I really suggest getting a SE Madcatz stick if you can find one and modding the parts to Sanwas. Who knows, from the feedback here when you get these babies modded you might not even see the need to buy a TE. (I would have went this route if they sell these where I live!)


Yeah, I’d go with an SE if I were you. I was kinda in the same position you were, not really a pro player, but wanted to try my hand at it, and just wanted to get a stick so I could really start practicing (I used keyboard before O.o). They’ve started coming back into stock slowly, just call up a local gamestop every day and ask if they have them in stock. That’s how I got mine, around the first week of March. Every gamestop and even some random retailers had it (although the retailer in Chinatown jacked their price up, so stick with a known retailer). Just keep calling, they do get shipments in. It’s just a matter of getting to it before someone else does.

The SE is fairly cheap and wonderfully modifiable, so if you ever DO decide to upgrade, it’s the easiest way. And the only real problem I’ve heard of so far is the washer, which is easily fixed with a screwdriver and some glue. Mine works like a charm after fixing it, and I don’t really plan on replacing it with better parts till it breaks on me, since it works fine for my purposes.


Yeah Aran is right. Just get an SE and buy sanwa parts to mod it…(Takes like 30-45 mins) The USB fighting stick that you are talking about is called a Mayflash/Elecom Ps2/PC/Ps3 Fighting stick…It has a PCB that supports both PS port and a USB. I have one and its stock and I have to say that if you just want to have the arcade feel(well…not really) go with this stick but if you want to mod it, you have to do alot of things.

Here are links that can help you with that fightstick:

Modding a Mayflash:


One thing to note is that depending on being able to upgrade the stick to Sanwa parts isn’t really much of an option right now. The distributors are mostly all backordered and even Sanwa itself is clear out of JLF joysticks. Maybe by the time you feel like upgrading your stick the order rush from SFIV will have died down.


Dont dismiss the mayflash/elecom so easily.

The Mayflash stick is modable and makes a good cheap base to customize. Out of the box, the stick is crap but the buttons are ok (for a while).

Drop in a sanwa stick and some decent buttons and you get stuff like this:

I have two that is stock and im waiting on parts to mod them, they are “ok” for casual use. But more experienced users will get frustrated easily.

Since my intention has been to get a stick and mod it, getting the mayflash is cheaper than getting the Mad Catz SE. If your intention is to play with it and maybe upgrade later, the SE is the better choice.


If you’re looking for a place where someone will suggest a cheap stick travis, SRK ain’t it. These guys play for real, and spend good money building high performance gear.

If you want something super cheap, boom, you got it. I’m sure you’ll get $30 worth of fun out of one of those.

But a GOOD stick is a good stick, and they usually aren’t too cheap, and that’s all there is to it. Spring for a HORI or maybe a SE (which is at least totally fixable/upgradeable by a layman with generally easily available parts) when (or if) you guys are ready for something better.


Even the Hori Fighting Stick 3 or Hori Fighting Stick EX (depending on whether you have a PS3 or 360) would be better choices than the Mayflash. You can find them on eBay easily enough.


A lot of you are seriously missing the point. As a mod base/holdover for casual play, this stick is perfectly fine. You can’t tell me a 3 platform PCB plus decent case isn’t worth $30. You can find a better deal on shipping than play-asia, though…


that stick is pure junk thank you… either mod that shit or buy something with real sanwa buttons/stick… heck get a happ! fuck that bullshit junk mayflash lol


Yeah the buttons are kinda weird…And the joystick gets unresponsive after awhile…Mine broke but i kinda fixed it. Get it if you dont mind modding it…But Im playing with stock parts beacause I dont have tools to mod it.


i’ve modded a few of these (working on a full sanwa mod right now for someone actually) and it’s a great case/pcb. the stock stick and buttons are terrible though. lots of emphasis on terrible. only buy one if you plan on modding it.


^^^ How about you stop being an asshole and stay out of a discussion you have nothing to contribute to? For all of the “March 2009” posters you could have tried to pick a fight with, his question wasn’t all that bad to begin with.

He wants to buy something for about $50 to hold him over until the shortages end in the summer. And you know what? That stick is a pretty decent option.

Yeah, the stock parts will break and go to shit in a few months. And if you would have read his post instead of being so quick to jump on him you would know that’s not what he’s concerned with.

You don’t think it’s a good idea to maybe check with people who (for the most part as you’re proving) know what they’re talking about when it comes to something he wants to invest in?

By your logic I should go to and read all of the “user reviews” a bunch of 13 year olds write before I decide what game I want to buy.

I mean, if you’re going to be a dick then by all means do it, but at least entertain us with some humor or say something intelligent in the process.

^^ This is the kind of constructive response you idiots should be aiming to give to a question like this.

Sorry for the rant but you people trying to post-whore by jumping on every new member I see are bothering me just as much as the new guys.