USB Pen Drive


I just got a 64 MB Pen Drive today from ebay, and it’s not working :frowning:

it dosen’t format anymore, this happened to my other 2 GB PD …

Any Idea’s how can I both running again?? I don’t want to toss 2 Sticks away


Have you tried reformatting it through the command line?

Google up on how to do it.


I tried that, nothing…I typed G:\ invailed…in Command Prompt


If you’re getting a ‘USB device not recognized’, you’re not going to be able to format it. Bring up your PC’s Device Manager, and try plugging it into other USB ports. You’re looking to see if it’ll show up under the ‘Disk drives’ section. If it doesn’t come up, try on someone else’s PC and toss it if it still doesn’t show up.
If it does show up, then check or even redo the partition (sorry, ‘volume’ as windows now likes to call it. grrr.) in the MMC:
Start->Run-> "mmc diskmgmt.msc"
From there you can delete and recreate the volume, format it, even change the drive letter. But please, don’t do a ‘quick format’, do a full format.


This happened to me when my 16GB flash drive died. I was able to revive it using disk utility in a friend’s Mac. Formatted it to Mac OS extended Journaled, and then plugged it into my windows PC. Came up as “This drive needs to be formatted before being usable” so I reformatted it as FAT32 and it works like new again. Not sure why Disk utlity can do it when windows cant, but this is actually the 3rd time now my flash drive has died on me. Seems it’s common for the model I got from verbatrim since I googled about it and found hundreds of results.


I’ve revived one like this using the HP format tool. It formatted the disk successfully when Windows failed. It’s a free download. Google for it.


+1. I saved mine a while ago with the same HP format tool.


I’m also under the impression Linux (unsure as to by default or with software specific to it) is good at sorting this kind of thing out also. You would have to google as I don’t know specific details.


I google it Kyle, but it’s saying write protected…I can’t format it…There’s no switch on the stick


I haven’t personally ran into that one. Who is the manufacturer on these? I stopped using my unbranded Chinese USB stick because I lost confident in it to actually keep my data. Here’s a thread with people discussing the ‘write protected’ issue. This may be of use.

USB flash drive write protection - TechSpot OpenBoards


This one

64MB Pen Drive (Flash Memory) USB 2.0 (BVT) - eBay (item 130429982499 end time Feb-06-11 08:10:26 PST)

not from China