Usb port question

Where would be able to get a usb port and a mounting ring for it. Trying to find something like in the pic. Its in the left corner of the joystick.

I believe that is a custom mount… I have seen people just sho-goo the end of the able to the box for this purpose as well


Check this thread… It might be useful for you

I think your best bet is to either:

A) Harvest a whole section of an old device (search junkstores for cameras, printers and scanners) port and surrounding plastic. You should have a reasonably easy time finding a broken USB printer. God knows I’ve thrown away enough of them.

B) Buy a USB cable with a female A end (I think it’s A) and then make the hole with a drill bit and some square files. It’s a reasonably simple shape.

look at this

the shipping price there is ridiculous for something so small though, maybe you can find it somewhere else