USB ports on laptop laggy?

I just purchased a modded hori ex2 stick (with ps1 pcb) and am using a Super Joybox 3 Pro to use it on my macbook.

I noticed that in OS X when playing Mame games the stick seems to be slightly more responsive than when I boot into Windows (it may be all in my head).

Does anyone know if I can update the USB drivers for my windows? Or is there anything I can check to see what power it’s set to?

up the poll rate

how do you do that craziness?

You can download a tweaker here.

Upped the poll rate to 1000mhz. It worked! Definitely more responsive.

I’m reading on the web that it could be dangerous to set them that high…anyone know if this is something I should actually be worried about?

depends on how old you computer is, ifyou are not sure set it to 500