USB power

I was wondering how much USB power I could extract from the connection to the console with a stick. I was planning on having a dual modded stick with a small mp3 player and speakers inside. I was wondering if it would be possible to power all that through a single USB or would I need another power source?

You would likely be able to power the Mp3 device just fine. I remember Toodles said a ChImp PCB only uses 10 mA of power. USB has a max current rating of 500 mA (before the host device disconnects it), and runs at 5v. If your mP3 player uses less voltage than that, then you can use some diodes to step the voltage back down.

Depends on the draw of the MP3 player and the console. Dual Moding or even a tri-mod wouldn’t hurt. Adding a completely different device is “horse of a different color”

The Xbox 360 has issues with some power hungry devices, same with some PC motherboards. I haven’t heard of the PS3 being as pick with USB power (with in reason of course). I am unable to find Xbox 360 voltage tolerances on google.

But generally MP3 players are 1.5 to 3 volt devices, USB provide +5 volts, and unless your speaker is powered too you can get away with a cheap MP3 player. You could have the device run though a powered USB hub which would cover the power draw.

If you know your way around a Multi-meter, you can do a amperage test to see how much draw the MP3 and Speakers would take from the power lines. If you measure only a few mill-amps you be fine, more than 0.5 amps and I say you got too big of a draw.

Okay I didn’t see Nerrage’s post til I post mine (I took my time here). Rather that deleting my whole post, for the most part go with Nerrage, I am assuming the speakers will have a very small draw.

USB hosts are required to be able to source 100mA of current. The device can request at most 500mA, and the host can choose to refuse, but this doesn’t seem to happen often enough to worry about. >500mA is right out.