USB problem with TE Fightstick for 360


Hey guys, I am not too sure if this has already been discussed and if so I appologize but recently I have been having some connectivity issues with my TE stick for Xbox 360. It seems like some part of the USB cord is damaged or shorting out. If I jiggle the wire a bit it will work but any sudden movement will disconnect it again. I was thinking about going down to the local computer store and getting a 15 foot USB cable and replacing it (IE, soldering it to the main board in the TE and so forth). I am by no means an expert at soldering so was wondering if anyone could offer help if they have experienced this issue. When opening the TE case and looking at the board with the USB i notice 5 wires (white,black,green,red and another fatter black one).

I decided to open a spare USB cable and strip it to expose the wires and found only 4 wires coated in a bunch of silver wire which I am assuming is some sort of ground. I just wanted to know if this coating is indeed the 5th black wire? Sorry if my explanation is confusing. I would just like to fix my TE instead of buying a new one. Thanks a lot guys.


The fifth, thick black wire is Shield ground. You don’t need it. Just solder color to color, and ignore shield ground.


Thanks a bunch Nerrage. :slight_smile: So even tho its soldered with the original USB it shouldn’t cause any issues? Should I somehow tape it off or seclude it when soldering in the new one?


You can if you want, but it’s not going to hurt anything if you don’t (So long as you do a good job soldering)

And by a good job, I mean, only strip about a millimeter or two of wire off, and then solder them on. Almost the entire exposed bit should be soldered on, and the rest should be insulated. Here is a picture from a little project I did a bit ago (Not specific to the USB, it’s just wires):

You can see that there’s almost not any metal exposed except to the points needed to be soldered to. This is so that metal doesn’t accidentally touch something next to it from being moved around, causing a short circuit.



Much thanks man. I knew it could be done but was a lil confused. You definitely cleared this up for me.