USB ProCable 5M?

Hi all,

Today I just got my TE2+ and while I’m happy with it I have a big issue with the length of the cord. I know it’s fine for most people 10f/3M but I’d really like to get a 5M one.

Anyway idea where I could find one ? Worse case I could cut it and redo one myself or just use a usb extension but I’d rather find one and get it over with :wink:


Nah, those 5 m cables lag. Don’t want those.

Like extra frame per meter. 3 m 3 frames of lag, 5 m 5 frames of lag.

For real ? I thought it was so short that 3 or 5 m wouldn’t make a difference.

Really don’t want to re arrange the living room hahha

just get an extension cord. length of the cord doesnt add lag. However some pcbs have trouble with long cords

after about 30ft you could encounter Lag.


Its not that longer cables lag USB is designed for short runs, more than 16 feet on paper you run into interference and signal lost.
In Real life I would never suggest going more than 10 feet.

No, you just wouldn’t get a clean signal at all.

Yes there is signal repeaters, boosters and extenders (not extension cords) but those will occur lag

Ok since I did some “research” let me share my findings.

According to the USB 2.0 specification: “Section 7.1.19 of the USB 2.0 Specification discusses delays. There you will find that signals in a cable must travel from connector to connector within 26ns (5.2ns/m max). This is why standard detachable cables are limited to 5 meters.”

So cables following the specs should have a delay of 5.2ns/m.

If the game runs:
1- At 60 fps, 1 frame is 1/60th of a second or 16.66 ms or 16660000 ns
2- At 30 fps, 1 frame is 1/30th of a second or 33.33 ms or 33330000 ns

Therefore the delay incurred by a cable of:
1- 3 meter is 5.2ns x 3 = 15.6 ns or 1.56e-5 ms about the duration of 4.68046805e-7 of a frame at 30 fps or 9.3637455e-7 at 60 fps
2- 5 meter is 5.2ns x 5 = 26 ns or 2.6e-5 ms about the duration of 7.80078008e-6 of a frame at 30 fps or 1.56062425e-5 at 60 fps

Obviously it’s taking longer on a 5 M cable (you notice the change is of 1 or 2 order of magnitude on a log scale) but I doubt this added delay would be noticeable unless my calculations are off.

Hope that helps

close but you didn’t take a few things into consideration

Such as voltage drop, signal degradation, and so on

The game frame rate has nothing to do with it.

Don’t claim for it to be precise, I was trying to ball park it.

I think it’s fair to say that between 3M and 5M the difference should be insignificant. but I’ll try and report :wink:

The reason you can’t do long runs of USB cable is the same reason Cat 5 cable comes in twisted pairs.
EM and RF interference, even the other wiring with in the cable causes EM interference and you get something called crosstalk.
In old analog telephone lines it means you can hear voices from other phone lines that are physically near your own, in digital it comes worst with interfering data or corrupted data.

Meaning you stick might stop working instead of lagging. How much you can get away with depends on how well your cable is shielded and if the D- and D+ is in a twisted pair or not.
Even then USB twisted pair as fewer turns than Cat 5 cable.

Repeaters and extenders (not extension cables) can mitigate that but those devices has it’s own processing thus adding to the chain more processing which would occur lag.

An USB extender would be like a pair of USB to RJ45 extenders that converts USB to less prone to interference cat 5 cable for as much as 500m before converting the signal back to USB for long cable runs.

My setup has a (probably) bigger distance from my TV to my couch. I was happy with the cable length on my OG TES’ (13 ft / 4 m). But with every other stick I own, the cable length is 9.8 ft / 3 m. For those sticks, I have to pull up a chair closer to the TV. Ugh.

When I settle on my HRAP.V Hayabusa Silent(s), I want to eventually do a Neutrik mod for them and use longer cables. Go for it, man!

By Jupiter’s Cock, I was JOKING about the lag. I can’t believe some people are actually taking that seriously…

Anything to blame their shitty as game play on rather then them selves