USB Quick Disconnect

I have a Mad Catz TE-S stick and I’d like to take the USB cable and add a quick disconnect if that is possible. It would be an in-line quick disconnect similar to a USB extender cable…but I’m not sure if that is the best way to go. Should I just get Male/Female ends and place them where I’d like on my cord? Or is there something a bit slicker that I could do? Also, is there any latency reasons why I would not want to do this?

Mostly my goal is to make my stick be as easy as possible to put up, safer if somebody trips over the cord (both for them and the stick) and I’d also like custom length cables that work in different areas of the house. A shorter cord for my computer desk and longer when I’m playing on my TV. I also want to make sure it’s not that noticeable. A normal sized USB male/female setup would be rather bad looking which would be bad since I’m currently putting effort into my stick looking good.

Thanks in advance.

you going to have to mod your cable
shorten the internal cable and attach a male usb port and then widen the hole the cord goes through and install one of these
and then use whatever cable length you want

next time please post questions like this in the noob section

I did post in the noob section and the only reply I got was something that didn’t help me all that much as the person didn’t understand what I wanted. I decided to try and be more specific with it and make a thread since I knew I’d have a few more questions and explanations that don’t work in noob thread format with quite a few people speaking about different things at one time.

You too completely missed what I wanted/asked as well. I asked for an in-line solution that isn’t just two large usb connections. I have the TE-S as I mentioned and it has a compartment to wind up the cable. I can’t simply add what you recommended and still do what I want to do (keep a cord in the stick compartment and have custom length cords that I can easily connect/disconnect around the house).

I want something that would essentially work the same as a USB extender cable but much smaller/less of an eye sore. I am not looking to add a port on the inside compartment of my joystick or on either side.

most people did not reply because they did not see the logic in what your looking for
so you want to keep the cord wrapped inside the te-s cord compartment and then add an additional usb cord?

The monoprice USB extension cables actually work pretty well as breakaway cables. I have a kid running around, and they have saved me more than once.

I’d advise against USB extensions as “breakaways” – a lot of the time, it’ll work, but it’s really not meant to be a ruggedized connector for that sort of thing. Every time you trip over the cord and it disconnects, you are risking damaging the connector. The only thing likely to be damaged thing is probably going to be your $2 extension cable… but as an engineer, I’d rather advise you use a connector designed for this type of abuse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’m not entirely certain as to the point of this, and why a Neutrik wouldn’t work (I’m pretty sure you can install it in the cable compartment, which doesn’t affect the look of it at all, and you’d still be able to store an A-B cable inside the compartment when you travel with it. This also makes it so that you’re only replacing one thing when (not if) the cable fails, because cramming cables into that compartment is horribly abusive to them. :stuck_out_tongue:

At that point, you could have exactly the lengths you want of USB A-B cables for each location where you play, and you’re not risking signal degradation: USB is only spec’d to perform at 5m, and the built-in cable (IIRC) is 4m… so you’ll be going over-spec with any sort of extension cable longer than 3 feet. This may or may not cause issues (likely to manifest as disconnects). Of course, a standard A-B cable won’t take care of the need for a breakaway, so hopefully someone can provide ideas for that issue.

If you’re dead-set on your “keep the cable in the compartment, add another cable” system, I’d at least recommend using the proper type of disconnect. MadCatz themselves made a 9ft breakaway cable that you can get for pretty cheap, which should work with the built-in one (assuming this is a 360 stick (wait, actually, did they install those on PS3 sticks? I don’t think I’ve ever noticed if those are missing on PS3 TE’s…)). Then you could just remove the short breakaway, and have that connector hang out of your cord compartment. I’m not a huge fan of this solution, to be honest (it will bring you over spec on USB, though probably not to the point that it would cause problems as I’ve run 25’ USB cables without problems; I more dislike it because a Neutrik connector is cleaner and looks better in general), but whatever floats your boat.

Your best bet is to solder a new usb cable with breakaway onto the pcb inside. small usb extenders hold onto the original cable pretty snug, so it would probably still drag down your TE if someone tripped on it.

I have several taken off madcatz fightpads, PM me if you’re interested.

The reason why I want it to be sticking out is simply for convenience. Think about it. If I put a Neutrik inside the compartment where I’m going to be storing a rather long cable at all times it’s going to be sort of a pain to disconnect/reconnect due to space limitations and the natural unwieldiness of cabling in general. I simply want a very short cable with a quick disconnect that sticks out slightly from the front of my stick that doesn’t look like a giant eyesore. I can then easily walk from my bedroom to my living room or simply out the door and be ready to go with little fuss over opening doors and shifting cables. I’d also be able to get my custom lengths for my uses in those areas.

If the compartment to store the cable was on the side then I’d use a Neutrik on the front. I don’t want to use a Neutrik on the sides.

Also, underwig you’re not quite understanding what I want. The cable coming out of the front of the fightstick would only be a few inches. From PCB to the end would be a few inches. The cable that gets tucked away inside the stick would probably be 10 feet and I’d make another cable that is 4-5 feet and probably another 10 foot cable. I do not want to keep the keep the cable i have currently stuck inside the compartment and then add an extension. So all the issues you brought up do not pertain to what I want to do.

Hopefully that clarifies things a bit. I honestly figured this would be a “oh here you go” sort of question haha. That’s what I get for assuming. Just a way to make my own custom cables for convenience that doesn’t look awful. I know how to cut the cable, add a female end onto it and then use a male/male usb cord but I wanted to avoid that eyesore and go with something smaller if it was possible.

Essentially, it’s a neutrik that sticks out a bit from the stick is all I’m after and isn’t much bigger than the actual cable. Also, having it serve as a breakaway is a lot better than having what I currently have (cord soldered directly onto the pcb) and either destroying the connection inside, dropping the stick on the floor or somebody tripping and being hurt. Not sure why you’d think otherwise as that seems pretty obvious to me.

do this:

  1. unravel a bit of your cord and stick the usb portion out of the door, poking out of the little hole on the bottom
  2. get a USB extension
  3. plug in

I think we’re all offering incorrect descriptions based on your explanation. try drawing something in paint if any of these seem incorrect

I guess I should have just lead with a picture. I’ll 1 up your suggestion there and use an actual picture of my stick modified using Paint :slight_smile:

  1. Take stock cord that is soldered on the board of a Mad Catz TE-S and cut off the cable about 6-9 inches outside of the hole where the compartment door allows out the cord currently. This would mean the original cord that is hooked up now would only be maybe ~15 inches long and barely sticking out of the front of the TE (and I could still tuck it inside when transporting).

  2. Stick on non-ugly USB female end that is hopefully smaller than a regular USB cable (mini-usb, printer cable USB ends…anything that is smaller than regular sized usb).

  3. Make custom cords that plug into it so that I can place them/use them how I like. I know how to do this part. I mostly just want to know what the best ends would be for aesthetics.

Does that make a bit more sense?

uh ok you can do this if you’re good at soldering

remove your stock usb cable
trim down to about 15 inches and resolder with the quick disconnect coming out like shown (i know thats the ferrite choke showing but i hope you get it)
splice in the remainder of the cable between the detachable cable side and the usb tip
heatshrink where you spliced to protect
that way, you would have a smaller end coming out of the stick and a really long quick disconnect

or take an extension cable and a regular usb cable (or cut your own down to size), solder in the shorter cable and plug into the extension

sounds ghetto, personally i would just feed a small amount of the cable out and use a long extension cable

I don’t see how something that is about the size, shape and color of the ferrite choke is “ghetto”. It’s the same thing as a Neutrik except I explained why I didn’t want to go that route. What the choke looks like now is what I’d like the connectors end result to be. I just wanted to ask the people on this forum if they knew of a good/smaller USB compatible connectors that would be a bit slicker than using regular size USB ends. Bigger than micro female to male (they would disconnect too easy) and probably more along the size of what you see going into Printers. But apparently what I’m asking doesn’t appear to exist.

I also don’t want to hook a 10-15’ extension onto a 10-12’ cord.

Thanks for trying anyway.

OK, now I’m getting you. Sorry, I misunderstood you at first.

I don’t know of any good breakaway data connectors (like the XBox one) off the top of my head, but using the XBox one could work pretty well.

So basically, step one is “shorten” the stock cord like Vicko says (and I think you intended) – desolder it on the inside, then cut it off so that only a short pigtail (stub) of a cable is coming out, terminated in the stock disconnect.

At that point, all you need is “Controller extension cables”, which are effectively just long breakaway cables. I linked a 9’ one earlier, and at a cursory glance it looks like Amazon has some 6’ ones too for cheap. If you need lengths other than you can find, take a regular disconnect or one of these extensions, and splice in more USB cable as Vicko recommended (or shorten, if you need something less than one of the extensions). This is where jankiness levels raise – it’s tricky to make heatshrink look good unless you’re pretty experienced at it.

Sorry for misunderstanding the intent; hopefully I’m on the same wavelength as you now. Hope this helps!

In the past people have made Xbox 1 style breakaway cables with these guys.

I’ve found the original posts but the pics are no longer hosted.

I’ve heard that its also not the easiest crimp job.