Usb refresh rate for windows vista

i recently go a brand spanking new laptop with windows vista. But now I get way more input lag then ever before on 2df. I think it might be the USB refresh rate. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have tried a program before, but I still get a shitload of input lag and i eblieve it’s because the program was not compatible with vista.

Try this one.

So I can see how having the mouse refresh rate higher would help for shooters, but does this help for Fighters? Does changing the USB refresh rate for a joystick really make a difference?

YES! The difference between playing at 128mhz (default) and 1000mhz almost night and day. You can even see the lag visually under 128mhz when you go to control panel -> game controllers and then do the same under 1000mhz