USB Saturn Controller

Have anyone have Trouble with lag on the while playing SSF2 Turbo HD Remix on the PS3??

While jumping forward(Roundhouse or Fierce) it dosn’t connect, I know the USB Sat Pad is ment for PC…

Depends on the manufacturer of the USB controller.

Not all are created equally.

A lot of the USB “Saturn” pads that have turned up within the past 18 months are counterfeits/bootlegs. They used the same molds used for the legitimate Saturn pads made 5-6 years ago for PC/Mac but substituted inferior parts. That’s why they break down so often. Real Sega pads tend to last for a very long time as long as you treat them well and don’t mash on them hard.

As for problems working on PS3, it’s a USB pad and PS3 is compatible with most USB pads. (USB adapters for controllers are a different matter. Some work well, others have… issues on the PS3. Most are okay, though.) I’ve never had problems in the pad with the USB Saturn pads I’ve got. I mostly use them for the Mac but play exclusively with joysticks on the PS3 now…

You should ask in this thread:

I have a lot of problems playing STHD on PS3, full stop.

buy a converter box and get the actual saturn controller. Those bootlegs ones last only a couple of weeks, months if you’re lucky.

The two I have work perfectly. Would you perhaps be interested in buying one off me?

Here’s a video review of the ones I have.

I got Sega pads (Saturn and Genesis) that took beatings lesser pads crumble afterwards.

I got one pad that was labed “SOLD AS” and labled as “Junk” and all it was is some crud under the rubber domes and a pop spring from a shoulder tac switch that was poped in place. the pad now works as if it was new.

Agreed. I think the Sega Saturn pads I nabbed was worth every penny.