USB Saturn pad on ps4


i have a saturn pad that works in skullgirls for the ps4
WHY doesnt it work on sf5 ???

the dpad doesnt work but all 8 buttons work .

i would extremely appreciate any help

I was not aware any Sega Saturn pads were made for the PS4.

Nah, he meant the PC version that worked on the PS3 is working with SkullGirls on the PS4, but not with SFV. Based on the list from the other thread about legacy controllers, it doesn’t seem like SFV supports any generic USB controllers.

which pc version of the saturn pad worked on the ps3?

Not sure if it was patched out afterwards or not

Or perhaps Street Fighter v does not use the Zero Labs drivers and instead made their own?

the picture C-SWORD attached is the controller i have.

it works on ALL ps3 fighting games and skull girls ps4.

on sf5 it only recognizes the buttons and not the dpad

Guess you need a USB adapter like the Brooks adapter.

He’ll have to remap the home button to something else, I don’t think it can be done right now, maybe with a future update.

Hmmm, maybe there is a market for Sega Saturn to PS4 adapters after all.

There is a thread discussing how much of a interest there would be in such an adapter.

this is just me speculating but i think sf5 doesnt have the LATEST driver from zero labs

my memory is dull so i cant remember well but i THINK that skullgirls initially had this same exact problem.

if this is true i hope capcom updates it ^____________^

Sega SLS pads might have their d-pads mapped as X-Y Axis vs. X-input

During my testing of my controllers (note I don’t have an SLS pad), pretty much anything I threw at that PS4 SFV Legacy Validator thingy got recognized, but only stuff that was x-input worked properly in game.

ah the original sega saturn usb version.
okay…i hoped for a knockoff versions since you cant get the usb version for a normal price anymore.

these ones claims to be ps3 comp
i assume it would work the same way as the original one from the to?

this is new info to me.
how can i know the type of the pad i have ??

i read that some older TE sticks have the same problem like the saturn pad on sf5 and they fixed it by changing
the stick to the DP setting, there are 3 options (LS, DP, RS)
that way you are able to move the stick again

( note I just grabbed this pic from Google Images for reference, the one for a Sega SLS pad may be different, @C-Sword help??? )

@Makchaka to check, Plug your Sega SLS pad into a PC, go the the run box in the start menu, and run the command joy.cpl, select your Sega SLS pad from the list, and then click on the [ Properties ] button in the window.

Now when you move the d-pad around, and…

–> the crosshair in the top left box moves around, then the controller’s d-pad is mapped as X-Y Axis


–> red arrows appear around the bottom right circle, then the controller’s d-pad is mapped as X-Input

thanks Feargus !!!
i plugged my controller and it appears with the X/Y axis

this is the problem then :frowning: