USB Saturn pad problem with QCF motions


I’m playing on the PC version with a USB Saturn pad. My problem is when facing the right side, I keep on getting SRK’s instead of Hadokens’ coming out when i input the QCF motion. This is more likely to happen if i am playing footsies a lot and previously was pressing either left or right.

I have played SF since SF2 on the SNES and have played versions of SF in some form or another on Saturn, DC and PS2 and have never had this problem with accidental SRK’s coming out EVER. Having them coming out accidentally is totally self raping myself…

I’m not sure if it’s because my USB saturn pad being one of those replica ones is slightly miscalibrated meaning I should get a new one?, or is it because my muscle memory and motion for the QCF motion was wrong in the first place? Or is it the online lag skipping my inputs and replacing my QCF motion with what it thinks was a SRK motion?

Anyone with the Saturn pad who also has this problem?

It’s unclear based on the information you’ve given whether it’s a problem with the pad, or simply user error. Generally speaking though, it’s an execution problem, not a hardware one.

The best way I can think to troubleshoot this is go to training mode and turn input display on. See if you can hit down with out right or down/right registering as well. If you can’t, the pad has a problem. If you can, you’re doing it wrong.

Note that in SF4, dragon punch motions where made easier to perform, which also means sometimes they are easier to perform accidentally.

Although this post was intended for people playing on sticks, the execution section of it also applies to pad users. If you find you are having execution problems, see if some of the suggestions help you.

If you’re holding forward (as in walking forward) then do a qcf motion to do a hadoken it will give you a SRK instead so the way to do it while walking forward is instead of going to down for the QCF start from down back so the motions a bit longer than QCF that will give you the hadoken. Go and try it in training mode