USB to Neutrik RJ-45 Feedthru to USB

Hello, I currently have an NE8FDP-B RJ-45 feedthrough mounted in my TE fightstick case. I have yet to multiconsole mod it, but in the interim I was wondering if I could cut the stock cord running from it now and connect the remaining USB cord attached to the TE pcb directly to the neutrik adapter via RJ-45 modular plug on the other end? If so, what should the pinout at each RJ-45 end be? I want to believe whatever it is, the pinouts are reversed (eg. whatever pin 1 is inside = pin 8 outside) and the feedthrough is simplying feeding the circuit through, but I have no fucking idea really. Help computer?

Do it the same way you would make a regular usb cord

For pinouts, do what I did when I was confused, grab your multimeter, do continuity checks between pins. You’ll figure out from that which pin on the inside corresponds to the pins on the outside.

Yes. I was wondering if it was possible to connect the USB cable, currently soldered onto the stock PCB on one end, directly into the Neutrik RJ-45 adapter with a modular plug on the other end.

So whatever color pin 1 is on one side is the same color and pin on the other side of the adapter? I’m asking because I wasn’t sure what kind of voodoo the pcb on the neutrik did, if at all. :frowning:

IF, I am understanding your correctly…

You want to use the USB B port already on the MC cthulhu.

You want to plug in a USB cord into that port and on the other end wire it to the inside port of the RJ-45.

If that is correct:
Take the USB cable B end and stick that in the MC Cthulhu USB B port.
Cut the USB A male end off.

Then insert it like so with these colors into a RJ-45 modular plug and crimp.

To make a USB cable you must follow the tutorial on post 2 here:

Hahaha, not quite, but my bad if I wasn’t clear. There is no other PCB in between involved. No cthulhu/imp, no chimp, nothing. Just the TE PCB directly into neutrik feedthrough. Anyway, I finally dug up my multimeter as suggested and worked everything out in a snap. Had I known where it was earlier I could’ve spared you all the confusing thread. Anyway, turns out the neutrik does bridge the circuits respectively and doesn’t just run straight through. That’s all I wanted to know.

Either way, thank you everyone (rtdzign, cool tutorial rewrite btw. I saw it awhile back and plan to use it once I get around to actually multiconsole modding my stick). I love you all. RIP Guru. :frowning: