USC Fight On!

Are there any fellow Trojans out there on SRK?

If so, we should get some games in. I live right across the street from KAP/SGM area on Vermont.

Fight on,

(Because I’m tired of driving to AI/Vid all the time!)

why not go to the arcade across from LACC?

Elvis, you go to USC? I’m the asian dude w/ hat that plays Sagat, but switched to Dhalsim =P
We have a USC SFIV Fight club, find it on Facebook if you can. Wtf you should’ve told me you went there haha. Only reason you see me at AI/Vid94 is cause I go back home to Rowland every weekend

just joined the group on facebook. hopefully the comp is good!

I used to go to Family Arcade across from LACC a bunch, but it was $1/game last time I checked. On the other hand, AI/Vid is only 15 min. longer drive, .25/game, and better comp.

PS Warren
an example of some good dhalsim pressure

Yeah, gotto find time to get Dhalsim down.
We have pretty decent players, but they play pad for now and are slowly transitioning to stick hopefully.

We should do USC v UCLA and if we get our ass kicked, petition to make a gameroom/arcade in the new student center building haha

I came down to USC last friday to check some stuff with financial aid office, fuckers hosed me $8 just to park my car for 30 mins, not even valet!:mad::mad::mad:

lol, find parking on the side streets, or at the meters. It was a Friday so it shouldn’t have been that hard. You transferring here from Mt. Sac?

PCC actually, I figured I might have a decent shot for fall 09’, with being a minority(african american), semi-legit GPA 3.6. applied for a scholarship with the black alumni programs so I’ll see how it turns out. only really want to go there if I get that scholarship and some legit financial aid lmao.

haha cool, thought you were coming from Mt.Sac cause your location says Super arcade haha, well good luck!