Use for fadc...



I’m fairly new to dhalsim and still trying to get the combo’s and bnb’s down pat while I think I have a pretty good grasp of at least the theory behind playing dhalsim I’m defiantly lacking when it comes to actually playing anyway I’m wondering where in dhalsims toolbox does focus attacks come in? One of our 4 answers to fireball yes, but where else does focus attack have a place in our fights? And for that matter FADC’s? While I know we want to save for super is there any situation you can think of where it would be a valid tactic?


i only every use simes focus to get out of situations =/ backdash


There is a pretty sick combo you can pull by hitting an FADC after Yoga Flame in a Yoga Fire --> IAT/BnB trap. It does about the same amount of damage as a normal BnB setup, but it does more stun.

Not really that useful.

I like to FADC fireballs to bait Chun/Abel’s Ultras.


Oh! I like it, not sure if it’s worth the 50% meter but I’ve been fishing for something to bait out anti-projectile ultras, why didn’t I think of this ><

Also playing around tonight I’ve found doing focus attack and back dash on wake up can be pretty useful in some situations but I can see where it would be easily taken advantage of if you got predictable with it.


Definitely, dude! FADCing out of cross-up situations is a way underused means of escaping a crossup. I used to just teleport out of the cross-up every time, but good players won’t just let that happen – for example, a Ryu player will catch on and Tatsu straight after the cross-up, catching you as you reappear from the teleport. FADC’ing here and there keeps em on their toes.

Also, just like in one of the Trials in Challenge Mode, you can do something like:

b.Fierce xx EX Fire -> FADC Crumple -> Combo of your choice.

I have alot of problems getting the timing consistent on the FADC crumple, but it’s doable and it DOES have an application.


3 stocks for a hard-to-pull-off combo that will be scaled like crazy doesn’t seem worth it.
IMO Sim has nothing effective from FADC. His EX Fire and his super are much more useful than anything an FADC can do. The only thing I’ve done is FADC backdash off of a fireball I shouldn’t have done. Some people have been talking about using it to bait a Chun-li ultra, but that’s still a risky guessing game.



at 5:32 ken in a corner and sim doing some crazy fadc thing.

looked like standing, crouching, fireball fadc forward back throw seemed pretty cool. I guess I’m just watching videos and looking for effective aggressive play for sim. block strings, interesting combos and such.

As for the use of focus attack I’ve found a good use for it to counter guiles lp sonic boom, dash toward you. Just FA absorb the fireball and hit em with level (2?) FA seemed pretty cool. I’ve been playing with FA as a wakeup, not very effective against hyper aggressive play. However it’s been pretty good to me to prevent certain jump ins I have a hard time AAing or the start of obvious block strings. Any other suggestions for the use of FA in sims game?