Use Gill in the Arcade

If you would like to use Gill in the arcade, simply use Twelve and do the Super Art X.C.O.P.Y. when fighting against Gill. Twelve will transform into Gill for you to use.

Fuckin’ Neato!

i hate you…seriously

Roshi man, Jeezus Christ almighty… I can’t stop laughing…

I saw this thread title and I instantly thought “there’s only one douche bag large enough to make this thread.”

And I was right.

wow i just realized 2 things.

  1. Carl Sagan is my idol as well Rush Down
  2. Roshi is amazing

Why did I get neg rep’d for this post?

Well i learned something today.

I always thought that…dogs laid eggs.

Me too. oh well I have quite a collection of it now

that shit is funny

Cuz its SRK and any random fool who paid money to become premium can neg rep you anonymously for any random reason. All it takes for someone on SRK to get on ur shit is to have a difference of opinion. If you ever do become premmy you’ll probably notice that you get neg repped a lot less because then you can see who neg reps you. Right after I got premium again no one’s been neg reppin me anymore. They’re scurred. :lol:

DJ: 3s is like Tupac - That’s cold:wgrin:

i didnt know who the fuck you were before you made this retarded thread… but you need to go hang yourself now, not now, but right now. and appologize to everyone who read this thread.

ya, that is the most funniest, stupid fuckin thing i have ever read in my life. i might just give you some pos rep just because i half way think that you are not that dumb and you made a “noob joke”.

i hate the word noob…

damn i kinda miss roshi and his awesome ignorance