Use Madcatz TE Ps3 on PC?


hey guys , my first post on SRK but anyway. I don’t own a PS3 but i spend most of my time gaming over my friends. So i ordered the TE for the Ps3 thinking that it might be compatible with the PC like the HRAP 3 supposedly is. So far i havent had any luck getting it to work. I don’t really care THAT much but it would be nice to use at home for emulation/GGXX on PC.

Does anyone know of any homebrew drivers or any tricks to getting it to work? When i plug it in windows recognizes it but when i go into the calibration and start moving the stick nothing happens.

Thanks guys peace !


That’s really strange, mine works fine for MAME on my PC. Anyone else have problems?


Its your motherboard/USB ports. You need to buy a PCI USB card. Check out this long thread for the discussion.


Mine works perfectly on MAME.