Use of Consoles at Evo2k4



This post is to squash all the rumors ciculating about. Our goal for Evo is always to improve the event year after year. After looking at the weaknesses of last year’s tournament here’s what we’ve decided to do.

  • CvS2, ST, and MvC2 will be played on consoles.

  • CvS2 will be 2 out of 3, instead of 1 game.

  • 3s will be played on superguns.

Here’s a brief FAQ.

Why are you moving to consoles?!
With consoles we can have many more game stations than what we could have using arcade cabinets. This means that the tournament will run faster, which has MANY advantages. For CvS2, it means we can run the whole tournament 2 out of 3 instead of just one game.

For other games (like Marvel), it means that there will me more time for special events like free play, grudge matches, etc. It means that there will be less waiting around for your matches. It means that there’s a better chance of the tournament ending sooner, so players don’t have to hang around until midnight to play their games.

Why is 3s on superguns instead of console
3s is on superguns because there is no console version that is considered tournament worthy by the players. The numerous changes to all the console versions of 3s fundamentally change the game.

3s is on superguns instead of cabinets so that we can have more 3s game stations. We will have supergun to PS2 adapters, so your PS2 stick will work.

Does this mean I have to bring my own stick?
If you’re picky about joysticks, then you should bring your own. We will have some sticks available for general use, but we may not have the “perfect” stick for picky people.

What console version will be used for each game
We’re still considering the alternatives. Right now we’re stongly leaning toward the Dreamcast versions of both CvS2 and Marvel, since that’s what most players are familiar with. We will not use the XBox version of CvS2, because so many players use roll-cancelling today. If you have an opinion on which version should be used, please post it in this thread.



hey btw whats superguns? @_@

and yeah… DC greensticks… thank god! improvement skill +%80


For CVS2 I pretty sure the Dreamcast is the way to go given that some of the hit-boxes in PS2 one and I definitely think playing Marvel on the dreamcast is a must given that it’s pretty much arcade perfect as you can get right now with some minor differences. The main reason for not wanting play on the PS2 and Xbox version is because there are things you can do on them that you can’t do in the arcade such as hit the character leaving the screen after using a counter attack( you know the while being hit (HCF+A1 or A2). Also fast flight combos and such seem a little harder on these systems. Just my two cents:D


Fighting games that are available on consoles (great arcade conversions)




Tekken Tag
Teeken 4
VF4 Evolution
SFEX3 (only on PS2)

I guess srk will never host a KoF game but…


So… if we don’t have Arcade sticks for DC for marvel (or a DC at all for that matter), won’t this put us at a significant disadvantage?

… I don’t know if that’s just me, but I only get to play marvel on arcade, not on DC.


You need to make sure the sticks are quality; otherwise, you’re going to run into a lot of stick shortage problems.

Take it from someone who has a lot of experience running console tourneys…


What’s a stick shortage? If you’re talking about them destroying the DC all you have to do is replace the 5ohm resistor with a 10 ohm one and no problems from sticks at all, I blew out 2 DC’s back in the day replaced the resistor on my new one 3 years ago haven’t had a problem since.


This is somewhat good and bad. Good, because you will be able to have more options on a console. Bad because some of us don’t live in Cali. to enter these tournaments. X-BOX Live Tournaments would be good for people out of the state of Cali.


I’m not too pleased with this news, especially if Mvc2 is going to be on console. I think that should be the only arcade game there IMO. But since it’s going to be on console, DC version is the best one, the Xbox version has counter-out problems.

*Fullmetal Daywalker *


Might as well plan on having a Best Custom Stick award cuz you know everybody’s gonna be bringin their shit.


I don’t have a mo-stick, sav-stick, or any type of joystick to bring and use it at the tournament. First of all, I can’t really play on those joystick because is hard to maintain them still when you are playing (for me and maybe for other players too). I would preffer arcade 110% more. but it kind of sounds good the free play.


WOW! no more stick complaints! maybe ill actually make it to this year’s evo :lol:


so this pretty much kills everybody’s hopes for putting Alpha 3 at evo


I know I’m not the only one who can’t play with a stick on their lap. Oh well looks like i’m gonna have to rock saturn pad this year(which means no marvel for me). :frowning: I knew evo was eventually going down this road, maybe I shouldn’t have even got used to playing on an arcade set-up. It’s not like I have any chance of winning, I just like playing my best at all times.


What speed will be used for CvS2? I remember last year there was a problem with one of the machines because it was set at speed 2:bluu: . The thing is, in the arcade it seems to run between speeds 3 and 4.


This is going to be pretty rough for marvel. Are the consoles going to have sticks provided or will you bring your own?

also, what will the tourney organizers do when the dc has the unplugged controller problem?

The speed on dc also seems faster than the arcade:(

I’m definetly used to all that shit so i’m good to go:D :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:


Console is perfect, Agetek baby!!!


I wonder how many people are going to be displeased with this news.

<—one of them


Will it be an automatic dq for any stick problems, like if the stick shorts out in the middle of a match? That happens a lot in marvel, and people have itchy trigger fingers to reset a match =.

EDIT: I’d rather have it on arcade, but i can understand why you’d switch it to console.


Well, since this is going to be a console tourney. Can we get some Vapire Savior in the house, or at least Vampire chronicles for the DC?