Use of target combos?



What are some of the greatest uses of Dud’s target combos, and which ones are the most useful? Sorry but info in the dudley subforum is hard to find unless it is in a separate thread.


When you’re playing someone that likes to jump in and parry alot you can mess with them by throwing out a target combo



cr.LK > cr.MP > cr.HP is very useful for a quick low attack. use it when your opponent can read your cr.HK startups

f.HK > f.MK is good, especially for a downed opponent in the corner. one of dudley’s essential high game

MK > HK > HP is neat too as an anti-air to deal with parries

f.MK is fun to play with against an opponent in the corner. you can guard lock with it. just when your opponent parries, throw out the f.MK follow up (f.MK x2) to mess with their parry