Use of the Air Throw?

Chun’s air throw does it have any use, any time I see a vid i never see it used, because with it i think Chun could have a decent anti-air(jump, parry,air throw) or is it useless?

Beats people who jump-in/parry.
Good for mindgames.

when you have someone in the corner, at times they will try to jump away (especially chars like Yun/Yang) you can always try to jump-backthrow them into the corner again, other than that, its perhaps better to just use whatever normal

i heard you can even kara her air throw is this true? when i tried she like yelled before i threw but not sure if it kara’ed it

agreed. during corner pressures, chunli has the advantage. try to manage the space between you and the opponent when you are anticipating a jump. some ppl attempt to jump over chunli when she is in the middle of attempting her corner mixups when she is very close to the oppoent.
this avoids the throw, cmk mixup. sure chunli has differnt answers for anticapted jumps in this case, such as the, or b+hp. a small price to pay when you’re trying to avoid sa2 or being thrown into the corner again.

but air throw is’nt a bad option at all to add in your aniticipated jump game.
if you’re gonna use it with your opp. in the corner, remember to manage your distance from the enemy 1st. you want to be in a posistion where you can react to the jump easier, which means that if you’re expecting the jump, you dont want to be so close to the enemy. make sure you’re sapced just right 1st.