Use Turbo button as select on a Madcatz TE


I was wondering if it would be possible to use the turbo button on the tope TE panel as the select button as im planning to mount a neutrik RJ45 connector in place of the select button slot, any help is appreciated


Cut the turbo’s signal trace and rewire it to select on the PCB. I personally think a Neutrik connector mounted inside the cable storage compartment is a more elegant solution, but that’s just me.


I agree. I do RJ45 pass through installs all the time and I ONLY install them in the cable compartment on Madcatz sticks.


What OP is talking about is quite standard when you are dual modding with a Kitty TE.
With a Kitty, the turbo button doubles as a second select button.

With other Dual-mods you need to do some minor PCB trace cutting and soldering like what zaneiken said.


thanks for the help everyone, and going the cable compartment route is definitely an option ive been looking into


sorry to bring up an old thread, but i want to do the same thing, but i have no idea where signal trace for the turbo button is, if anyone could be able to show me a photo or something that would be awesome


If you have a multimeter check for continuity between either point and ground, then pick the side that isn’t paired. If you don’t have one check the traces that come from the turbo point. Ground will have a line that also leads to the ground point of the home button and will go to the lock switch below.