Use Your Friends as Weapons - Olimar Talk

Yeah mk and wolf make are bad for olimar. toon link and diddy can be pretty bad too.

So, how does everyone think Olimar does against the top tier? Mostly, I’m confused about his matchup with Snake; I haven’t played enough of them as Olimar to form an opinion.

Metaknight - You have superior range against him, and your UpB ownz anything he’s got in the air, ESPECIALLY if they are stupid enough to do any gliding BS. You have better range w/ your fSmash, so you can stay out of range. And you have an abusable blockThrow to slow down his aggressive efforts. If you can whistle to a purple blockThrow, you can toss the whites for free as he flies away almost at the perfect angle.
I dunno, MK just has a hard time killing you, and you have much better knockoff than MK ever will. It’s a patient match, sure, but you have answers to everything HE does, not vice versa.

Wolf - Toss/Grab is working on a friend of mine. Toss the pikmin towards the end of your jump, as you land do a grab. He’ll try to reflect the pikmin and get caught in your throw (with good timing your pikmin will still latch). I admit this matchup is harder than the others, but that trick’s working a little bit the last time I played against Wolf… although I don’t think it helped that half the time he didn’t know I was actually grabbing him. =P

What’s so bad about Diddy? I’m asking this because there are no Diddy players around me and I haven’t seen any “good” Diddy’s, so I have no idea what the matchup problem is there.


he’s great. one thing I like to do is throw all of the ones that aren’t red or purple at the enemy. Meanwhile, the red and purple pikmin become flowers.

Flowers don’t do anything.

I personally like “selective tossing” as well, although I like to store up blues and reds, mainly since blue is just always good and the BEST at throwing.


? someone in this thread said flower pikmin do more damage

While I haven’t tested this myself one of the previous posts supposedly claims that the leaves, buds, and flowers don’t do jack.

I went and tested it myself just to make sure. they gain no extra benefit to my knowledge

anybody here having a hard time with any specific characters?

right now it’s just Peach and Kirby

I’ve always had problems with Wolf, although recently I’ve gotten to the point where I can play a Wolf close.

MK is a tricky bugger, his attacks rape shields and make Olimars cry.

Other than that, no, not really.