Used PC SF IV for online gaming

Hi guys, I’m thinking of buying an used Sfiv PC version off of ebay and was wondering if there could be issues with the online gaming. I never really played online games so I don’t know how it works so I hope I can just get a short and sweet answer. Oh and is there a difference between SF IV discs from europe or USA? I saw a PAL version on ebay coming from australia. Thx.

I would be wary of buy it just because the game uses a CD key in order to use most of it features. So there is a danger that even though the person sells you the game he hasn’t already written down the CD somewhere and will continue to use it even after you buy it.

Imo you’re better off with your own new copy.

There is no difference in PAL/NTSC for PC games.

This is the one thing I don’t like about the PC version. It is near impossible to sell used because of this.
The last time I bought a used PC game with a CD key. The original owner kept using it, and I couldn’t register it on Steam (HL2).

Buying used PC games is generally a bad idea.

Anyway, things to worry about with a used disc:

  1. Securom only gives limited installs (5 I think), and Capcom loves that using that shit on the retail versions of their games!
  2. Sometimes people sell the discs but still use the CD key on a cracked version or whatever. Nothing you can do about it. Though I’ve heard GFWL is fundamentally broken and you can use the same CDkey online more than once.

I’d just get it off of Steam. It’s easy and you can redownload it as many times as you want. Though from your post it sounds like you’re in Australia, and I understand you guys have some pretty harsh bandwidth caps down there… I don’t think the game is large though, just 4.5 gigs or so.

Steam registrations are once per key. Once you use the key, it is no longer valid.

The key to buying used PC games is familiarizing yourself with which titles CAN be bought used. My local comic book shop sells used PC games and while many that they sometimes take in end up useless, a large amount of them are fully usable. Usually, any games that use Steam or are made by EA are worthless to buy used.

There is no install limit on the disc. There may be an install limit on the GFWL side.

No, the CD key is used up once you enter it…you may be thinking about how you can use any game key for any other game (GFWL CD-keys are not game-specific).

As for Digital Distribution, I recommend buying from Impulse ( ) rather than Steam because Impulse’s DRM is less restrictive than Steam’s.

Thx for your replies. I guess I won’t be trying to save a few ? by buying an used copy. But I’m still wondering why this ad specifies PAL

I got my SF IV at

They say that even for games that have a limited number of activations, you can just send them an email and they will reset the amount of activations for you.

Another thing I like about them is that you download the 4.4 GB installer file (which you can burn on a dvd), and only during the initial install will you need to connect to the internet or activate. During later game sessions you just play the game without anything to do with gamersgate, unlike other downloadable games companies that require that you use a client to log-in to their server before playing.

And I dont think the SF IV that I got has DRM or limited activation, it seems to be unlimited activations.

I only bought this one game with them, paid with paypal then downloaded the game at 400 kb/sec at 5 pm. Everything went perfectly and they will be my first pick when starcraft 2 comes out.

I’ve heard that paypal works perfectly for most people, but that paying with credit card can sometimes be a hassle.

Anyway everything went perfectly for me except that i dont know where to find the manual, which is usually found at their site. But I dont really need a manual so its not a big deal.

dont buy used PC games

Hi…it is bad idea to buy used PC games bcoz it generally has lot of scratches. I would prefer to buy new one.

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You can reinstall SF IV on Steam more than once. I reformatted my PC about 4 times since SF IV was released on Steam and I was always able to reinstall it again with no problems.

You can’t sell Steam games so how would you “buy it used”? Only way to sell a Steam game is to sell your whole Steam account to someone.

Is Maria a spammer?! Her first and only post has a link to software she sells :rolleyes:

I personally bought a key cd on g2play for 15 because of this problem :stuck_out_tongue:
I bought the cd for 10 but the cd key was no longer valid, and that’s where g2play is pretty cool xD
Some editors can’t stand the fact that this site sell official cdkeys at such price, since they don’t make such a profit out of it with people downloading the game and then buying a key cd, but whatever…