Useful Silver Samurai Tricks

Silver Samurai Tricks:

Instant Overhead:

Jump up foward and press round house immediately, around the same time call tronne V when you land immediately c. lp, launch. This does 100+ damage when mashed. (timing is tricky, keep in mind that you can call assists at any time during a normal jump)

Jumping Rh is also a very good cross up normal.

Cross up “Glitch”

Alot of characters have this, I think even dan does with his c. lk.

Alot like rogue’s “glitch” it’s really just that a characters attack pushes them too far foward and they end up on the other side of the opponent. Edit: Actually i think it’s the fact that the move makes them take step(s) foward reguardless of opponent’s position, that coupled with the fact of being too close to the opponent that the hit box crosses over to the other side

You can use something like:

jump over opponent while calling assist

standing hp, (press hp again for second hit), when you reach the other side do the raimeken however do the command backwards or you’ll get the fire power up if you do it too fast

with Tronne V it’s especially useful because the last ring that comes out can cross up by itself (i recommend this)

just do the same as above (jump over while calling assist so the assist is on the other side)

do standing hp, (2 hits) then wait for her last ring to hit them and do a raimeken.

Just so you realize the way it works another way to get the “glitch” to work is to do a sweep up close (safe falls off)

then do standing hp (first hit whiff) then second part around the time they are getting up.