Usefulness of Pandora mode video

before I begin, I’m gonna show a video but I do advertise for another forum in it, if that is a problem a mod should just delete this topic but I did want to share it with you guys since I hear a lot of complaints that pandora mode is supposed to be useless.

OT: in this video i’ll show a way to make pandora very useful. like I explain in the video this is not restricted to hugo/kazuya only. anyone with a wallbounce move can set it up and probably every character can finish it off. normal wallbounce moves take 1 bar of meter though, in contrast to Hugo, so there is a chance you have to go straight into super after EX-wallbounce moves.

before i’ll show the pandora set up it shows a useless 1238 dmg combo

for any questions please leave a comment in the youtube video comment section


small update, jamheald found this way of inmplementing it for his team to make it useful (HWOARANG/KING)

Nice vid.

I have a suggestion, why not make a topic that has a list of all characters moves that could be used as an “opener” in to pandora? Maybe we could find some moves other than wall bounces that can be linked in to it this way.

Could also add a bit of strategy to the game as well, if we have a compiled list of openers it will leave a sort of “cat and mouse” mind game of 1 player trying to hit the opener while the other has to try to avoid it.

Looks like we need people to stop trying buff Pandora, and more people need to experiment with it.

Yeah, it could be pretty strong when used right. But definitely not overpowered, considering if they drop the combo they are dead, and with knowledge of the setups/openers for pandora you can actively try to avoid the situation.

Pandora is not useless, just very situational. Actually, too situational to be a comeback mechanic.
Would you risk taking hits to drop your health low enough to activate it? If your getting whalloped against a huge life lead… Your pretty much dead anyway, and definitely so in 7 sec if nothing connects.

I don’t know what people want anymore concerning Pandora. Remember the rain of comments the day it was announced? “Pandora = SFxT’s X-factor” all over the place. Now that the game is out, they should actually buff Pandora and yet, comeback mechanic’s are so despised by players…?! Logics…

No, all that Pandora needs are ways of implementation and creativity, just what the OP of this thread did. Nice job!

I personally think that Pandora after a wallbounce is the way to go. Maximizing the damage after the wallbounce however is the issue that has to be figured out.

OT, but Chrono Trigger music is godlike.

Sucks that I’m at school because I think this video made me think of some neat stuff with Law/Asuka.

Good stuff though, can’t wait to see this develop.

Really the only thing that needs to be changed with Pandora is the fact that you can lose while certain animations are playing out even if you would have won if the animation finishes. Combos like this is what I think Capcom had in mind when people bust out Pandora so you are definitely on the right track. But not everyone is going to be able to make use of it due to character mechanics or crazy long animation times or both.

More time is needed to experiment to get the max out of it. I’m hoping this is one of Desk’s secret projects.

I don’t get it… where does the video show me how to win?

I have to admit, you aren’t making this comeback mechanic look very useful. My BP are very important to me and I need to know how to urk out a win if I’m losing to someone who is playing mediocre~fairly well. =/

“without the gem it does 552 damage”

and without the gem is why you will almost never see pandora used in tournaments and why it will be widely regarded as useless.

without gems, pandora grants a mere 12% damage increase. it’s only when you pair it with the 20% damage gem that it even becomes worth considering for the damage boost.

Agreed. Since you have infinite meter, I wonder what kind of nonsense you could do using EX moves on repeat. Like Asuka’s upkicks for example. Wonder how many reps you could get with it.

Consider this: if you don’t have any meter, the most you can do off of Hugo’s Ultra throw AFAIK is 325ish damage. 475ish if you have two bars. The pandora combo can be done meterless, and even without the gem it does nearly 100 more than the best option with two meters.

I feel like most people think pandora is bad because it’s not always the best answer to a situation. Pandora combos may not always be a practical solution to everything, but depending on your meter management they can be very useful because they can do damage you wouldn’t be able to get meterless. Also, there are only a few supers that work well inside of pandora. Most supers take so long that the pandora timer runs out before they end, unless you immediately do super upon activating pandora, making a lot of combos useless within pandora.

Aside from wallbounces, what other situations do you get pandora combos from? know about the King knee juggles > pandora, and I think there are some CH stun > pandora combos as well. It can also be used to punish some whiffs/blocks (like SRKs), especially in the corner where some pushback is negated.

Also, a quick question about pandora. After you use pandora, do you start the next round with the meter you had before activating pandora? Or does it just empty the meter for the next round.

I found some uses for pandora my first day as well, but there was a problem I ran into in my testing. The wall bounce is effected by your distance and may not bounce back close enough to your character with pandora. Knowing that and taking into account that even the timing will rarely be exactly the same makes it a nervous feat to make sure the aim of your pandora combo is true. So while wall bounce is the easiest to execute pandora from, it is the most difficult to finish.

fixed it for you

thanks for all the kind replies :slight_smile:

well capcom said you ahve infinite meter but it doesnt realy work that way, your meter constantly regenerates realy fast but in some cases it might not be fast enough. haven’t experimented with it enough though since I found my workable combo so fast. i now know i need about 0,5 meter before setting it up (instead of 2 like i said in the video). and 0 meter for only the c.MK xx SUPER.

also you can’t do infinite juggle combo’s in pandora sadly so if you want to max the damage you’d probably want to use SUPER while in pandora everytime

yes very true indeed :slight_smile:

you named most of them, also you can do it on counter hits from the air that do a lot of hit stun (but you need godlike reactions to pull it off :p)

sadly the meter empties so if you won’t win it hasnt been worth it

this is also quite true, and its the walking forward -> c.MK that is the hardest part of the combo.
to make your wallbounce into pandora safer find your midscreen combo that works best (since its the most common place you’ll be) and only try it when you’re midscreen.

the hugo/kaz combo works anywhere unless my opponent is in the corner, then he falls down too fast and you cant get it.

Nice video but it is VERY VERY character specific. This works with Hugo cause his wallbounce isn’t an EX.
I bolded this point cause in the air the juggling system works in a hierarchy. You can only follow up an EX (from a normal state) with only Super after you activated Pandora. I’ve experimented over and over on how to hit the opponent after an EX wallbounce ( from normal state to Pandora) but I can’t seem to hit the opponent with a normal at all. I used Jin’s cr.HP, st.MK, cr.MK, j.HK, st.HK. I’ve used Law’s st.HP, cr.MK, cr. HP, j.HK and even command normals such as his slide and d/f.LK. It is weird because these things can hit if you do it normally out of Pandora but for some reason you can’t when Pandora is activated.

EDIT: RIGHT after posting this, I thought of an idea. Since Tag Cancels reset the juggling count, can someone try this out for me? (I’m currently at work and I’m very curious) Use a point character that has a move with multiple hits that ends in a wallbounce so you can tag cancel out during it. Then as soon as the point leaves, Pandora out the dying character so your point comes back in. Try to hit with a normal and see if it connects. If it does, thank me cause I think I just made Pandora useful for every single cast (minus Jin cause he can’t finish his Super even if you do it as soon as Pandora is activated :()

what you say is not true, like I said in my video this is absolutely not character specific and hugo’s non-EX move has nothing to do with it.
the reason that you don’t connect is because you forget that the character entering pandora mode is stationed further away than the character sacrificing and THATS why the walk forward is needed.

I will put a video online later with some options of different characters doing wallbounces and different characters going into pandora combo to show it to you.

also on the tag cancel thing: like i said it has nothing to do with juggle properties in the first place but besides that, the tag cancel would take too much time, your wallbouncing character needs to run offscreen before you can activate pandora.

There are ways to combo into Pandora but like many have said here it is too situational to ever be of any use, and even with gems it sucks. I’m sure tehre are a handful of character combinations that can really take advantage of this but let me put this into perspective with my team.

I have nina/hugo. Now, I can do something like cr mk xx hk geyser, cr fp xx hk geyser activate pandora (hugo comes in ) super from anywhere on the screen. This will do something like 600 damage and with the ONE PANDORA DAMAGE DEALING GEM RELEASED, slightly more, like 630 or so. The problem with this setup, is that it requires two meter stocked, because when I activate pandora, the meter doesn’t build quickly enough to let the super hit.

also, even if I COULD somehow get more hits into the combo with some juggle, damage scaling would prevent the combo from doing any serious damage. Also, given the short time period of Pandora and the long animation of some supers, many options are limited. I’m sure someone is going to come up with some crafty combo that uses like 4 stocks of meter, but without a doubt, damage scaling is going to ruin its efficiency.

Now I’m not saying tis better than X factor or worse, but X factor’s damage scaling doesn’t work the same way that Pandora’s scaling works. In whole, Pandora effectively becomes a 12% damage increase (on already scaled damage because of your setup) and unlimited meter for 5 seconds. then you lose.

Sucky mechanic, and even if you build gems around it, how often are you getting its value? hard to say. I’m going to stick with it because I want to catch someone with some wild shit in a tournament but still – there are much better ways to loadout your characters and if you don’t loadout for pandora, I rarely see it worth using.