Useing guile Tournaments style




IM new to shoryuken … i found the site looking for info on how to get better at street fighter. i have play street fighter since turbo for snes an been a fan ever since … i always want to use guile but hated charging … i got older an play more with him an charlie (zero3) i have come to like him more an more, now that Sf4 an SS4 has come out. i wanted to start playing Tournaments & Events with Guile i wouldn’t say im a noob or Adv. player (compare to you guys) … i think im ok, i just want to take my skill to the next lvl :slight_smile: i just got my first jap stick a week ago (training on it has been hard combo wise, switching over ) i wonder any tips when it come to Tournaments an useing guile ? yes i have read the stuff on guile on the forum im asking from a personal point of view … ( i dont want to be a turtle Gulie aka turtle charger ) i want to rush an be go at it, i took some stuff i learn in 3rd an use it in here when it come’s to charging an it works … so anywords will help also im looking for people who live in nyc i can prac with :slight_smile: let me know were to look :woot:


XBox Guiles

Here’s a start.


Thanx But atm my xbox has the 4 rings of death so i have been playing on pc … trying to get my xbox back up an runing or switch over to ps3 :slight_smile: