Useless Things In Life

Now I’ll probably get bashed for this, but here imo is useless stuff in life you don’t need.

Toys-Plastic stuff you get bored looking at after ten minutes.

Tattoo’s- Come on now really? People who think they look cooler with it or trying to look different come off as idiots. It usually looks dumb on the people who get them.

Guys getting piercings/other weird piercings- This doesn’t go to girls who want to get earrings and a belly button piercing, everything else however is retarded. Guys getting piercings is strange too.

All I can think about right now.

this thread

Here is a list I made of some useless things:

  • Soulja Boy
  • hoes

you should change the topic of this thread to " you know what really grinds my gears?" because it is entirely your opinion

The unexamined life


No it isn’t.

You’ve opened my eyes. My earring will now begin contributing productively to society. I think it’ll start with Haiti.

Lol just trying to be nice…

Carboard boxs

Look in the mirror sometime…you’ll see the answer.
Oh, and don’t cuss in thread titles.

That don’t fly here…stay in yo lane.

You know what really grinds my gears? When I can’t find the droids I’m looking for.

Threads whining about what others do with their lives.

I can’t believe George Lucas owns the word “droid”…flabergasted.

use a fishhook and hang a relief donation awareness pamphlet from your earlobe!!

i think it would be super fly if you got a huge tattoo of a big blue barrel across your whole stomach, and then get both of your nipples pierced and hang a chain of flat red plastic monkeys from each one, all the little toy monkeys interlocking their S-shaped arms with one another and then just dangling together over the barrel tattoo

you could also get your dick tattooed to look like an overripe banana

Im breezin off…

Whaaa!? But cardboard boxes are great for all kinds of things!

And I’m not even referencing Solid Snake.

Vanilla Ice, HIV, SFIV, Republicans, TV screens in cars, 30 inch rims, and gold digger hos.

Someone’s yet to go to the moon…

kinda funny reading a 15 y/o kid saying toys useless on an video game forum

just sayin’