User, ANGELPALM found undead

Hi, this is the brother of Stean Enis (Angelpalm). I regret to inform you that he was found dead in a Detroit hotel on 7/16/2012.

Authorities found his body, butt naked, on top of a dresser when hotel owners complained that he over stayed his room for two days. Toxicology tests show that he passed out at 12:34:32AM Central time from an Estradiol overdose.

We will be holding a candle vigil in his home town, anyone who would like to join, do so.


This is the mother of Stean Enis (Angelpalm), Marleno Bex Enis.

I would like to say I miss you already.

R.I.P. Angelpalm. 1996-2009

I am leaving this open to see where it goes :rofl:.


As angelpalm’s mistress, I am horribly distressed to hear these news :frowning:

He’s been posting from beyond the grave for 3 years!?

So Ghostwriter … was Angelpalm? : o

Goodnight, sweet prince ~

He died as he lived. Butt-ass naked.

But! But I thought that I-


This is Liokaiser level bad trolling. Master Akuma is that you?


i think he swagged himself into a hurnia

Just who was anglepalm?

the guy with the avatar of the stickman having one eye bleeding on to the other stickmans face

I have such a crazy boner right now. You can’t even know.

ah, so elementary. Ho could I have forgotten it was the quality animation guy

your Avatar says otherwise

I just masturbated with my sister’s tears. I felt it apt to the situation.

Well, I did notice he was acting pretty mean to people lately.
Like seriously, who brags about having a girlfriend who watches anime in an anime thread. That is like talking about how big your lunch was in front of starving Africans.
Its a shame his reign of terror ended before the people he hurt could have a chance to torture him.

Will you be selling any of the remains?

Proof or gtfo.

I masturbated with sweat from my own testicles. Jesus, the weather is hot lately. Amirite?

Indeed sir. Indeed.