User Made Execution Trials?


I really do not like to make threads much but here it goes…

Can some of yall drop some bullshit, impractical combos(they can be practical too, but I’m looking for difficult shit) to try out in training mode… the execution trials in SF3: OE are kind of easy, and I’ve already finished most of them…

Shit is hella fun, and it’s something nice to grind out to get your mind off of life… get at me…

If there is a state that the character has to be in(jumping, standing, crouching, etc.), mention that and if character specific, mention that too…

Double Fukiage against Chun-li completed *New Video (easier)-2017*

Tackle Tackle Headbutt on the Twins. I mean whether or not it’s practical is up in the air, but fuck me is it hard…


Sure I’ll drop some bullshit on you. With makoto: SA2, fukikage, kara-fukikage on Chun-Li.


I was thinking about doing something similar to this except have it posted on a different website. With video references.

I’ve got a few “simple” Makoto trials for you:

Makoto Vs. Q (PRACTICAL)
]stun: off
[]1 meter
]Q: standing (or karakusa)
[]Jump RH (or karakusa)
]Standing Fierce
[]xx Abare
]Dash under
[]Fierce Fukiage (can kara forward with cr. rh)
]Kara jab fukiage (kara forward with standing neutral short)
Here’s a fun one on most of the cast (PRACTICAL / Show-Off)
Probably easiest to practice on Hugo and Dudley.

[]Corner only
]Stun: ON
[]1 meter
]Standing (or karakusa)
[]Jump RH
]St. Fierce
[]xx Abare
]SJC toward (Super Jump Cancel)
[]Forward Tsurugi (timing depends on distance to corner)
]St. Fierce
[]xx Hayate Cancel
]Dash towards
[]St. Jab
]St. Fierce
[]xx Taunt
]Dash towards (get RIGHT in front of the stunned body)
[]kara Fierce Fukiage (kara forward with cr. rh)
[]RH Tsurugi
]Congratulations . . . You’re styling.
“100% stun - reset” (SHOW-OFF!!! ***I saw Mimora land this during a Danisen match against a Dudley (Aiku? Totsuka?).)*

I’m working on the other “100% stun” that involves a reset. I’ve only gotten it once on Ken.
I know it works on shotos & Dudley. I haven’t tried it nor landed it on anyone else.

]1 meter
[*]stun: off

[]5 (done late)
]Dash under (direction change)
[]Reset with St. Strong (opponent must be very high)
]Dash under (direction change)
[]Jab Fukiage (will hit VERY meaty. If done late, the opponent will land and can block/parry.)
]EDIT NOTE: After practicing it again, I’m pretty sure they can always block/parry, but the jab fukiage still hits meaty. OR the computer is doing that 1 frame auto block crap.
[]SJC toward
]Fierce Punch
[*]Good luck with this one. Really tight timing. Fancy pants combo.
I love Makoto’s show-off combos. She hit’s so hard and deal so much stun that all of them are borderline practical.



Oh dear god…

Let me fuck with Makoto right quick…

Let’s get it…

Who has some fancy Urien ones?


With Sean, stun set to max on Ibuki, basketball hit,, xx hyper tornado, j.hp st.hp, hk tornadeee

not tooo hard for a death combo, and impossible in match, but I like Sean :smiley:


Don’t even worry about munchkin’s combo because in the history of double fukikage, I’ve only heard of one person doing it ONCE on Chun-li in training mode; think it was Ramza or Arlieth. That combo is the hell mode of combos in 3S


cr. rh, lp mgb X 4


Capcom needs to hold a contest on who can do this first, with video proof and it shows the player actually doing the input for it. Cash prize of $50 billion and a pair of head-to-head Versus City cabs with 3S inside and lifetime service to the arcade board.


What characters are you specifically trying? All of the practical Urien combos involve partitioning. Oro has some REALLY pretty combos that involve partitioning, too. If you like to press buttons, what about Ibuki? Even Chun-Li has some nasty resets off of raw Yousou Kyaku (jumping air stomp). But most of those are simple.

I really thought that most of the “expert” trials should have been the somewhat practical & more difficult execution (not exactly impossible) stuff with all of the characters:
Gouki: Triple tatsu
Yun: KO-ender from Genei-Jin
Ryu: Red-parry to Shin-Shoryu [I don’t know any fancy shmancy combos with Ryu =(]
Urien: TTT xx Aegis, unblockable on Necro
Remy: J. fp, cold blue, dash, rising flash
Oro: st. Strong xx nichiirin, dash, st strong xx nichirin, dash, oni yanma
Necro: (they did pretty well with choosing the 6 fierces) Stun juggles and links would have been nice
Q: CDB, Fierce Dash, (direction change), Fierce Dash
Dudley: stuff
Ibuki: combos and stuff
Chun-Li: walking legs, SA2, SJC, down fierce, cr. jab reset, dash under, cl. rh xx super (I think I typed this sequence wrong)
Elena: ?
Sean: Beat level 8 Gill with 1 pixel of life (punishment for choosing Sean)
Makoto: bunch of stuff
Hugo: walk . . . Gigas
Alex: Stun juggles
Twelve: ??
Ken: kara shoryu & links to supers and stuff (not really execution difficult)
Yang: EX Tourou zan juggles on Q in the corner and then super

I really want to do a bunch of this stuff and then record it to put it up where people can find it. If someone else wants to do it and post it, I’d love to see them.


That combo is hard as balls. I stopped trying after 2 hours of getting nowhere.

At least the combos I posted or DOABLE :arazz:


anyone that says theyve done this combo is bullshit. it doesnt work. :smokin:


Damn, I was gonna say this. In all of my 4 years of experience with 3s, I’ve done this ONCE
It still haunts my dreams.


no ender? on alex/hugo do, lp mgbx4,ex ssb, x jeppa

on mak do this one juggle midscreen, lp mgb,, ducking upperXXsuper

on certain characters
s.lpx2(link not chain)s.mpxduckingXXsuper
or f.lpx2 which is harder.


Kuroda Cyclone!


I’ve been a yun player for 8 years, just starting to learn Dudley. Most of my enders are “messed up mgb, reset” or “missed ducking upper”


12’s hardest combo is close standing medium kick superjumpcancelled into sa2. it doesnt sound hard at all but for some reason it’s a really inconsistent combo o_O

anyway i wanted to say true kara palms with yun would be a challenge but thats one of those things that you don’t fuck up much once you get it down to muscle memory, TTH on twins however is just retarded


also thats literally the only time in my life i’ve seen tackle tackle tackle headbutt off launcher, i don’t think ive even seen that in RX combo vids o.o

go to 3:15 lol


I think more parry trials would be great.

Block cr. mk, ex fireball ==== red parry first hit of fireball, mp srk (through 2nd hit of fireball) xx SA3


Ryu: closeMK, LINK to kara EX sho on a standing opponent
(I rememner Namijin doing that in a real match)

Ken: crossup EX tatsu, dash Lp sho, kara EX sho (its character specific, don’t remember on whom does it work :P)


Yun: cMP, cMP, sLKxxLP lunge