User Title Character Limit


I’ve been reluctant to post here, as most people are agreeable about changing their titles. But it comes up so frequently.

Basically, the custom user title character limit is obscenely high. When someone accesses the site via Safari (can’t speak to other mobile browsers) it compromises the format of each page the “transgressing” member replied to. So if you scroll diagonally at all (as one most often does), the page goes all over. It doesn’t sound so bad.

But it kind of is.


I don’t post much from my phone but I haven’t noticed anything like this while using Chrome.


Anyone that uses Safari can speak to the nuisance it is.


…stop using Apple’s brand of Internet Explorer? :confused:

It’s not quite THAT bad, but it’s only marginally better than IE. Even on my work phone the first thing I did was peace out Safari in favor of Chrome…


@crotchpuncha‌ Would that even help?