Username_SRK = Random online scrub?

I’ve fought many people online, mostly Street Fighter IV, with “_SRK” in their username, making it look like they’re all in some sort of online street fighter clan. Did a bunch of people from this site get together and decide to do something like this? Or is it pure coincidence. A big part of the reason I ask is because every single _SRK I’ve played has been just awful and they love to send hate mail. It would be hilarous if this is actually some kind of ‘clan’ from the SRK community.

i found some members that are known here like shadyk and shoo. They had _srk after they’re name. I remember seeing one more that starts with a G****_srk. Other than those, I have yet to find any others with that.

I’ve never seen one. So umm… give em a kick(or punch or Hadouken) from the REAL SRK!!

You ever thought it simply is a way to show that you’re part of a community? Don’t know why the mere thought of someone being a part of something is enough to cause you to rage.

I got a lot of people asking me if I was the Inverse from the SRK over live. So I put SRK at the end of my name. Pretty simple. When I meet someone with SRK on their name, it means I can always look them up and PM them a GG on the forum.

My username online is SRK_BOXER. I think there are several people on SRK that can vouch for me that I am not a scrub :slight_smile:

Although sometimes I do like to send hate-mail hahaha. Only to people who rage-quit though. Never to legit players lol.

oh, I must’ve misread, I thought it was a random guy who just so happened to have srk at the end of their name.



PS: L2read or get a life, your pick.

Who gives a fuck? Its cheesy, And it makes them seem like they are good when a majority arent. If anything it kinda gives others the impression this place is full of scrubs. Like what the op said lol


(are you not entertained bitch!?)

I’ve played a few people with SRK in their names, all pretty decent thus far.

i don’t have a problem with that bro, if they want to “_SRK” in them nicknames is their problem don’t you think so?.

It put it like this, simple and straight: the nick doesn’t make a good and well mannered player, the player does the nickname and fame, bottom line.

I’ve come across quite a few players that have added _SRK to the end of their names without actually knowing anything about the site or the community. They do it just because they see other people do it and thinks it means something like “I’m the shit”.

Yea, Exactly. Not to mention most of the time I end up raping those people with abel, And they rage quit. Thus giving this place more of a bad name. >.> goes back to GD to troll

lol wow I can’t believe how much neg rep I got. Apparently 09ers who play SF online, suck at it, then send people hate mail when they get stomped really get offended when you ask them why. Who would have thought?! It was a simple question out of curiosity guys, try to keep the sand out of your vaginas.

Who are you?

I got SRK at the end of my name. And I will tell you, I’m pretty basic with my game so far.

This is the real question.

I fought some with SRK username. Don’t remember if I owned their ass though, but i remember them…

OH you’re actually one of them!

I’m the rog that worked you over to whom you sent "lol typical random online player, bravo G2 Champion’ etc etc. You’re actually a big part of the reason I made this thread.

Pretty sure i’ve played you too.

on PSN?

lol you tried to talk shit for winning one 3 bar player match with random headbutts and throw spam after you got killed first round… so that was obviously the response you deserved. Online is super serious and a great way to measure your skill :rofl: