Uses for Meat Splasher (360+K)?



This move seems to be pretty useless and very easy to avoid, you could even just hold back and you will avoid it sometimes. The only use I could think of is when your opponent tags out from far away, you could run at them and snatch their partner.


I find it exceptionally useful actually…if you’re owning your opponent in the corner with claps and stuff do lk into meat squasher when you’re almost out of clap range, catches em a lot
Random meatsquasher is completely useless though


if people start walking backwards out of lariat dash cancels, a moonsault won’t catch them but a meat squasher will


Can it be used as an OS ? like jump down HP, OS meat squasher to catch backdash ?


i hit wolfkrone with it…you just have to know theyre too scared to press something, and you have to know that they know you are out of range for moonsault.

some very good once in a while setups for it.

ex lariat on hit, 360 lk.
meaty stand lk clap, crouch lk, 360 hk.

the key is to use all of his shitty grab tools once in a while to catch people off guard.
backbreaker, crossup corpsehop mk backbreaker, ultra throw gets em every time lol


yes u can. you could also do jump in OS super which is much more consistent.


they will fall for it once you get into their head.

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I use it as kind of a gimmick. With xx lp palm. ill repeat it twice and on the third lp.palm when they are too afraid to move i do meat squasher.


If you jump body splash crosses up and do it right away the meatsquasher wont wiff and will grab for some reason it will whiff if you do it from the front. This is a good mixup option on those splash pressure… I also think it works on deep, dd mk as well. Meaning it will move and not wiff and grab.


This works more often than it should, even against decent players (arguably more against decent players since they’re more hesitant to wake up uppercut or smashing buttons).

One set up I’ve used several times is calling in for the cross assault. Most players immediately try to jump away as soon as the two on one starts - if you antipate this, go for the backbreaker>corpse hop. They will probably wake up blocking because now they’re sandwiched. You can go for the throw into a full combo if they block, and if they do something else they are probably eating some damage from the teammate. It’s a lot of meter for that maybe damage though, so only use it when you need to even out life/get a tag or if you’re pretty sure you can end it/get the combo.

Edit: This is also a really good time to go for the ambiguous splash.

Extra double edit: I’ve been going backbreaker > corpse hop > ultra throw > whatever into backbreaker > corpse hop > ex moonsault press a lot tonight and it’s been working. People get hit with the corpse hop once and they want to press buttons, moonsault makes that silly.