Uses for the charging PPP move?

Hi all just wondering if there was any point to using the move where you hold down the punch buttons (other than its really funny to charge it for the whole round and some how nail someone for a ridiculous amount of damage :P)

I really don’t think so. You need to hold them for a really long time to make the useful, and they you have to connect. Aslo while you are holding them, it handicaps your game.

And by gosh when you’re holding them down (Like any other Hold Down moves) you CAN’T JUST DEFEND.


That really sucks for me which is why I stopped using him for a little while. I mean, sooner or later someone catches on that I haven’t JDed for half the match, and realises I’m charging. That…SUX.

hold ppp, sweep, let go so that it hits meaty, link into lvl 3. Can you say damage?

Hold 3 release,as hes moving towards opponent do any charge move of his…nice quick combo for decent damage…use his sweep charge for a knockdown…Small combo Hold3,release…on impact jab and charge hook