Uses for these Moves

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Been playing SF game for 5 years and (more of a reader than poster here) have played Vega since Vanilla, but unlike Remy in SF3 I don’t have a use for all of Vega’s moves. Yes, I have looked up the SRK guide, Eventhubs guide, random posts etc - but I’m still unsure. Here are the moves:

[] and it’s neutral version
]Jumping.lp and it’s neutral version
[]Neutral jumping fierce
Bonus question: Backflips (surely you could at least cr.lp and then flip back to beat those who spam SRK if you fail the link and then punish; don’t people do some sort of SRK option select thing too that you could trick?)
Thank you.

Neutral jump fierce is great for keeping people in the corner. Let’s say you have someone trapped in the corner, and they attempt to jump over you to get out of the pressure, NJ fierce will take care of that.

Also, on the rare times you and the opponent are close and happen to neutral jump at the same time, and they’re out of air throw range, NJ fierce will work here also.

Thank you for your speedy reply. I’ve found that allot of people in the corner (including myself) jump back and press (usually) RH. I try to air throw but their often too high, I’ve been thinking about baiting and imputing CH after the active frames. Might the jumping neutral fierce be better?

I think you mixed nj HP and nj MP. For the fierce version that was Rabbi said, as for the strong version I never found any good use. The hitbox is so freakish high and Vega himself already jumps so fast so high that in a widescreen format you only see half of the move.

Jumping lk on the other hand is good to use against guile to stuff his Sonic boom/ airthrow set up because of the small throwbox. At least in super it was, now with his nerfed airthrow you might as well jump and go for the airthrow yourself.

As for the other moves: I never use them either, save for cl MK. There was a discussion here somewhere about it’s usefulness, but it has been proven not so useful :wink:

What about mk? Actually I forgot to add mp (you can at least that for tick throws)?

I occasionally bait out a reversal that my opponent intended to fadc by backflipping. It’s a gimmick and risky but if it works you get a big punish. And yes it can screw up option selects.

[]St.lp - covers dive kick angles, preemptive ground AA
] - see above, really good preemptive ground AA against larger characters since they can not crouch it (Dudley, Hawk, Abel, etc), can lead into low mp on counter hit.
[] and it’s neutral version - Not sure, don’t really use it
]Jumping.lp and it’s neutral version - Decent AA from neutral jump or forward jump (better horizontal hit box than jumping mp)
[]Neutral jumping hp - Stated in previous post
]Neutral jumping mp - Really good at covering the space directly above Vega’s head; if an opponent does a close jump and he’s still pretty high up, this works really well (say, after doing an RCF on block and the opponent decides to jump, but you went for low lp. Neutral jump mp protects the air above you and should AA the jump).
[]Close mk - Frame trap tool, useful for counter hit set-ups into mp RCF/enough frame advantage for a low lp, or a simple block string into lp RCF
]Close mp - Same as above, slightly faster than close mk, a 1 frame link on counter hit while close mk is a 2 frame link (linking into low jab)
[]Far mk - Vega’s longest poke, back leg pivots so it’s susceptible to lows, unlike low mp
]Back flips - Move back while storing down-back charge, cover back dashes by screwing up option selects meant to catch back dashes, acts as an option select to make certain reversals whiff after a safe jump, mind game for pressure (make reversals whiff and punish, use sparingly)
Bonus: Equipment Toss - reset invisible counter that determines when your gear falls off, you control when you lose the claw/mask (or if you lose them at all). Safe to execute after Izuna Drop, back throw and ST. Mask toss is actually pretty good if you’re feeling confident enough in your game plan and you want to turn Vega into a pixie to push his damage up a level (easily goes from low - average damage output to low - high). Best to use it only when your back is to the middle of the stage, so if things start to look bad you can just move back and pick it up. And even better, charge down-back as you throw your equipment. If the opponent jumps, take your free ST AA.

Just wanted to add in that PPP flip lols at Cody’s U2. (Just not in corner XD)

Thanks for the input guys :slight_smile:

j. lk is an amazing air normal that more people should use. It has great range and stuffs air throws.

nj.HP is good for nj mixup all around. Most people expect either nj.MK or an empty jump into usually a throw. The HP has to come out so late to hit them that often times, they try to preemptively tech a throw because it looks like it’ll be a neutral jump. And on hit, it lets you link into CH, which is neat.

Whoah W

Links into CH are you serious?! O_O

Thanks again to EVERYONE who posted! :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention, KKK flip is way more useful than backdash vs Seth if they try for uppercut/grabs mixup. Of course, any Seth that knows the matchup will do a cr.jab OS TE vs Vega…

It has to be done super deep. I do it to piss people off XD. Shows they seriously need to watch their spacing if I can hit you that deep (You’re practically slapping them on the knee).

J.lp is fun for shenanigans. Jump in with it on a standing opponent which will whiff, if they block just land and throw them. It’s the “not quite an empty jump” empty jump. Just don’t expect to use it more than once that way, lol.

Who here has ever intentionally used MK.ST for any reason, ever?

I use it to combo after a cmk…(Negative edge)…for a metterless knockdown to punish unsafe blocked specials…also I think it’s somewhat safe when the
tip of it gets blocked…

Interesting, I’ll try and find the slowest move than can punish it and compare it to the other ST’s : )

I use MK ST all the time when I-

Oh… Carry on then.