Uses of Kara Throwing?

Ok, I’m pretty new to 3S (I bought the Anniversary Collection and thought I’d get my money’s worth, so I’m playing 3S now :P), and I’ve more or less got the hang of Kara Throwing now. But…I can’t really see or think of any practical uses for it. It’s COOL, but I just don’t really know how to use it effectively. Can I get a little help with this? :smiley:

it gives you range, which is one of the most important things when it comes to throws, go to training mode and do this:

ryu/akuma: do a, and then try to throw not pressing forward or whatver, it will whiff, now do the karathrow (f+mp~throw) now it’ll grab :slight_smile: that’s the sole purpose of kara throwing: range, just try it out with chun-li (mk~throw) or elena (f+mk~throw)

im new to 3rd strike, what is kara throw? and how do you do it?

just read my post: the ~ is like a cancel, press f+mp and then really fast throw, so it goes 1-2, like some beat of some death metal band :stuck_out_tongue:

I tryed to do a and than kara throw and if i do it on wakeup the throw misses sometimes. Why is that? I mean the kara throw misses. I tried it with Akuma, so i knew when i made a kara throw. I was trying a meaty and than throw, was i doing something wrong?

you did it too fast, because he is in hit/blockstun, he cannot be grabbed, you can only be grabbed if you get knocked so hard that you turn around, but the shotos cant do that, so just wait a split second and just a bit more :wink:

Hm ok. I guess he cannot hurt me either, so that waiting should be safe :slight_smile:

I use Chun-Li and she has a really-really good Kara. If your using Chun and you have the opponent in the corner if you knock them down when they are getting up if you time it correctly just jab them and they can do anything like uppercut ect. then just Kara again. They can’t really do much but hold up so they can jump out of it. Her kara is just R.Kick - Throw . You will know you Kara’d because if you do standing R.Kick with Chun she makes a noise ( Like HA! ) and if you kara throw while she is throwing she will still make the noise. I don’t know if you understand what I put cause I really don’t but feel free to ask anything.

cjipp: standing mk is better, more range, just dont do it when you are too close, you will get another kick which doesnt give you range in any way.

I think the character that can take advantage of kara throw the most is Makoto. You could basically be just under uoh range, and she can connect a command grab into a really quick, but really painful combo. She basically gains a mixup or two if the player knows how to get the distancing correct and has quick reactions.

true, but if you cant distance yourself and they get hit or they block the, its a really painful combo done to her

wrong, too slow.

Well, then, now we know how good my Makoto is :smiley:

paulee: do you bother with ken’s kara throw at all?