Uses of the 360 + K?

Anything? The start-up and the delay before Hugo grabs you is terrible. It does decent stun… so how can I incorporate this into my game?

By the way, does the strength of the K button determine how quick the Ultra Throw comes out, or if it has more range (like Gief’s jab SPD)? I know it also determines where the enemy falls…

Also… anybody notice that the S.HP (elbow) does just as much damage and more stun than the Backbreaker following the Ultra Throw?

Well, it depends on how you play Hugo. Personally, I play him by assaulting my opponent with his primary pokes (low forward and standing strong) in an attempt to pressure them and push them into the corner. Short back breaker when they jump, etc. Usually, once people eat a few low forwards/standing strongs/back breakers, they start to turtle up a bit. “He can’t do any damage with those 3 moves if I just block low!” they say. That’s when the meat squasher (360+K) comes into play. Keep in mind: 9 times out of 9, you’re going to be using the short kick version of the grab. It actually starts up pretty quickly in relation to Hugo’s other moves, and he runs pretty fast. The grab itself has decent reach and good priority, so even if you don’t catch someone simply blocking, you may often catch them as they try to poke a little too late. This is especially true against characters that have popular pokes that aren’t really all that fast (Oro’s standing RH, Necro’s standing strong, etc.) that people tend to stick out in lots of situations by default. The meat squasher also has the bonus advantage of always putting your opponent in the corner, no matter where you grabbed them. Yes, people will start to react to the running grab if you use it a lot, but if you get them to the point of blocking all your pokes, not jumping (for fear of back breaker/Megaton (if you use it)), and watching specifically for your short meat squasher, you have a good bet at walking up even closer and going straight for jab SPD or - my favorite - standing Gigas. =)
Of course, you could always try just throwing out random meat squashers, jumping around with down+fierce, trying to SPD 100% of the time when you get up next to someone, and jumping in from full screen and activating Hammer Mountain when you land. I don’t recommend this style, however.

From all the info I’ve been able to acquire, there is no difference in start-up speed, recovery speed, range, or damage between each of the 3 different versions of ultra throw. It seems the only difference really is how high they bounce. Weird.

Ultra throw, standing fierce is a great stun combo. However, it’s usually better to just go for the SPD, since it does noticeably better damage and the stun isn’t half bad either.

Thanks, man. I’ll try and work that into my game today.

Yeah, I was just curious, because down here… all I fight is Ken3s and Ryu2s.

This is a bit OT, but let me just say that I think Hugo is the best grappler Capcom has ever come up with. His design is great, his combination of throws and other attacks flow together nicely and each have their purpose, and he does enough power to justify his recovery and start-up time.

I don’t know, I just don’t get the same vibes from Zangief or Raiden in CvS2. They don’t seem powerful enough to me to overcome their shortcomings, and I certainly don’t feel like a grappler. Also, nobody fears my Gief with meter, but in 3S, people know I can (and WILL) pull the 720 out of nowhere and eat 60%+ of their life. It doesn’t have the same effect as in Cv2.

I also heard you can do a neutral throw in the corner into the megaton… Is this possible?

I know you can connect a jab to juggle, but…

Oh, and anybody have any other Meat Squasher strats?

Yup, do a Megaton right after the throw…you’ll catch’em. But damage is pitiful though.

Stuff I like to do with Squasher;

LK/LP, MS.(Most useful)
Clap, MS.
Jump in HP/HK, MS.

Opponent in corner, neutral throw, LP reset, MS.
Or just a MS after your opponent is knocked down.

Feel free to mix and match. But I find them not too useful in a tough match. Only pull them out after you’ve made your opponent used to your pokes and pressuring.
Have fun!

After fooling around with the 360 + K yesterday I must say it’s awesome.

I did alot of C.LP -> 360 + K and S.LK -> 360 +K. And once I got them in the corner, I basically clapped them to death. Shut down their jump attempts with Toward + FP. There was the typical Hugo-isms like S.MP and C.MK, but man, this move is more fun than I thought.

I was fighting a Sean who did a random super for whatever reason, and the Meat Squasher grabbed him out of it between the 1st and 2nd DP. Too good.

Oh, and I was fooling with S.MK… It can be very fun. Though not one of Hugo’s primary tools I imagine, I worked it into plenty situations where it did me good.

I love Hugo.

Hugo is my pride and joy. Some of my favorites tactics include 720s as you get up. The look on people’s face when they try to poke you as you get up, and get the German 1,2,3, it’s priceless.
For some reason, I don’t know why, when people get up, and they are in Hugo’s face, just stand and to a High Kick. 9 times out of 10 people get hit, if they block or parry, your safe on the the ground. (ready for a 720) If they get hit with it, 9 times out of 9 they will jump at you, just pick 'em out of the sky.
The 360+K I mostly use at a close range, but when playing against a defensive person, when done from across the screen, really is embarrasing and lowers morale. Some people I have successfully confused by holding punch with Hammer Mountain, and declaring it a super of 360+K. ( I always miss though…) You would be suprised of the good players who are gernerally nieve of Hugo.
Block damage (Witch for some reason is called Dog Damage) Is a huge success. The clap is a classic, but a jump high kick to a hammer mountain is a whopper of free hits.

cross up with down fierce, down jab or jabx3, short meat squasher