USF 1/18/03 3S,CvS2,MvC2

Sup all…Here are the results from the CvS2 team tourney,3S,MvC2 and CvS2 singles…It was good to see some familiar faces and some new ones…Things went crazy…So here they are Peace…

CvS2 Team:

1)THE TEAM- Eddie Noble, Jon Beard “Crescent-X”,Brandon C. “Dr.B” [C-Blanka,Sagat,Bison]

2)Team TRTsoloEXTENDED-Jhamarr Jayme “iMPULSZE” [R4 A-Hibiki]

3)Team Team Runnin Thangs- Nick Pacheco “Mr.Fix_It”,Jon Pacheco “Gamer Gone Bad”,Greg Belantes “Gaurd_Break” [C-Blanka,Balrog,Cammy]


1)Brandon Chaney “Dr.B” -S-Cammy/Sagat/Bison C-Yama,Sagat/Bison

2)Jon Beard “Crescent-X” N-Cammy/Bison/Sagat

3)Jon Pacheco “Gamer Gone Bad” C-Kyo/Eagle/Balrog

4)Peter Lam - A-Nak/Cammy/Eagle


1)Jhamarr Jayme "iPULSZE"
2)Jackson Ng "Ouroborus"
3)Paul Eath "kyo717"
4)Jon Beard “Crescent-X”


1)Jeff Nguy "Tempest-X"
2)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
3)Jon Beard "Crescent-X"
4)Eddie Noble

Thats about it…cool turn out…nice shit to eveyone who came…I didnt even get to play in team…my lil bro Eddie Noble and Crescent-X took care of it…iMPULSZE was kind enough to record some of my S-Groove CvS2 matches and C Groove…so when thats done i’ll post a link so you can check it out…and Yama is defenitely in the house…lol…I’m out peace…And If i got your team wrong 707 let me know…

:cool: :cool: :cool:


Good tourny, but ran too long. Congrats to all the winners and placers. Brandon, could you change “iPULSZE” to “iMPULSZE”, also, my “team” name isnt TEAM IMPULSZE…its TEAM TRTsoloEXTENDED. I should have your vids on irc by weds.

Good Shit Jackson

ouro too fuckin strong!!!hehe Blckrain 4eva

Yeah Oro be rippin shit up with Sentinel…and that boy Impulsze’s Magneto is nutty too…Crescent-X has no fear when he plays it’s like he’s going suicidal 24-7…