USF 3s & CvS2 1/11/02


Here’s a quick run down of the results…

3S-10 peeps

1)Jeff Nguy "Tempest-X"
2)Long Le
3)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
4)Jones Chan “icjones”

CvS2-14 peeps

1)Peter Lam "Pure_Evil"
2)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
3)Waiman Wong "Faijia"
4)Jones Chan “icjones”

Good game Peter you got me back for last tourney…You fought well and obviously practiced alot…I’ll be back for the win next time
And everyone else is continuing to get better…It was cool seeing you all…See you next time…Lenzi hold another singles tourney soon with MvC2 so the 707 players will show…From what I hear all are looking forward to one soon…Peace


When’s the next one?


I’s like to give props to my lil bro Eddie for the for 7th…Good job for your first tourney!!!

-B.:cool: :D