USF IV on Xbox or Steam [PC] - which to buy?


What would be a better option?



You’re not giving us much to go on, here. What’s your gameplay priority? Offline? Online? Where do your friends play? What kind of stick do you have? How modern is your gaming computer? etc. etc.


Online mode is definitely my priority so I can play good players and get good in time. None of my friends play the game and I currently have no stick but will most likely get a Razor Artox. My PC is modern and can play anything.


Get 360 for now, and wait for the PC version to go on sale during the holiday season.


This. It will mostly likely be in a flash sale or random Capcom weekend sale, just wait and see. Today’s August 12, there’s a strong chance Capcom will have a sale within these 2 months, that’s when you get USF4 with all the DLC costumes for cheap.


I see that no one has mention that the online play on Steam is complete shit. Unless Capcom fixed that now[details=Spoiler]which was supposed to be done when they released Ultra on PC, but last I heard it was still messed up[/details]it should still be pretty bad.
I’d say go Xbox until this gets fixed.


Get the PC version and disable UPnP from the Router settings. Smooth as silk. And remember to thank @Around20Pandas‌ for the trick.

Plus: Stage, Characters and Music mods.


If you have UPnP enabled and you disable it, you can expect to run into problems. Including SFIV (being unable to play with other people.) While I agree that you should disable UPnP (security vs convenience), you should also learn about port fowarding.

p.s. Stay away from people who say smooth, butter (buttah), or silk in the same sentence


Indeed, port forwarding (or even just port triggering in some cases) helps too.

P.S.: I don’t see what’s wrong about “Smooth as silk/butter/whatever”, to be honest. It is a pretty common expression here in Italy. In my case, i used it because before disabling UPnP, i wasn’t able to join something like 80% of Ranked Matches, and i always had the damn “2-4 second total freeze during the match”. Now i can play with every player with no problem at all and there aren’t freezes anymore. So, in comparison, yes, i think i can say that now, with UPnP disabled, it runs smooth.


Im not sure disabling UPnP is doing anything… I call it confirmation bias.

Yesterday In different periods I had lag, then I went on another time and it was absolutely fine. I did nothing on my router.


PC online netcode is as silk as smooth butter. butter as smooth silk.

Did I do this right master



have patience and the Steam version will be better. you will not have to pay online subscription for a single game either.

I wouldnt buy Xbox just for SFIV but for the few remaining exclusives that havent been released on PC.


get neither.
that’s the best advice.

buy another fighter with better online than Ultra Laggy Fighter 4.


PC version is questionable online wise right now…so I’d say roll with 360 version for right now, like ppl say, theres a great chance Steam version will be dirt cheap eventually in the somewhat near future…so if you want to cop that version too, you’ll have ure chance.