USF Results CvS2 5/10/03 check it out!


Here are the University of San Francisco’s results for the saturday tourney.


1)Brandon Chaney “Dr.B” S-Bison/Sagat/Cammy
2)Jon Beard “Crescent-X” N-Nak/Sagat/Cammy Bison/Camm/Sagt
3)Long Le N-Hibiki/Chun/Morri Morrigan/Cammy/Athena
4)Jackson Ng “Ouroborus” C-Rolento/Yama/Sagat A-Sgat.Rol.Joe

Pretty fun tourney, alot of the rugulars who show didnt come. And alot of random players stopped by.Thats about it Byyyyeeee!


Fun tourney…That Yao Yung guy was nutty…and battling with Crescent-X is always a pleasure…props to Hasib,Lenzi,Eddie Noble,Jackson,Long,and everyone else…Peace…