USF2 Changelog and Wiki


My thoughts on Evil Ryu:

B+hp is a great anti-air attack, so good that it can catch Chun Li’s clean. It can also stuff a lot of special moves, like psycho crushers and sumo headbutts.

B+hk will hit attacks that go on top of Evil Ryu’s head.

I also like b+mk for catching some special moves, like blanka balls and scissor kicks. Neutral mk is Evil Ryu’s best normals for catching Buffalo Headbutt. is excellent and can catch moves other normals won’t. But if you’re playing a shoto, you knew that already. has great range. Learn to alternate low kicks so you can control the distance between you and the opponent after a blocked combo. xx lk tatsu xx throw is also pretty fun. into hadoken is especially handy for the distance it builds. I feel like the distance after that is the perfect distance for Evil Ryu to attack.

Besides f+mk, f+mp makes for a great overhead. Both can lead to sweep (example: f+mk,, on crouching opponents), and cancelling that sweep to other special moves lead to other setups.

You must learn to use these normals because of the lack of invulnerability on DPs. Wakeup DP loses if the opponent tries their own invulnerable move. Note that there is no damage difference between Evil Ryu and U.Ryu’s shoryuken.

Like USF4, Evil Ryu’s teleport is slow and easy to hit even if you try a read. It’s better to use Raging Demon to set up combos, like LiangHiuBBB demonstrates in his video.

Evil Ryu can time a meaty fireball to force the opponent to block three hadokens, just like U.Ryu. This is a big deal because Evil Ryu needs all the damage he can get to open the opponent up.

Evil Ryu’s easiest kill combo is, xx mk tatsu xx shoryuken (dizzy) short teleport, xx mk tatsu xx shoryuken. This is the easiest 100% combo in the game and the can come from either side. You won’t be able to fool opponents with this twice though so you’ll have to learn other ways to deal damage to be more consistent.

Air tatsu is not gimmicky. Learning when to sneak those in and what strength to use to chain more together is essential to leveling up.

I also think Evil Ryu is one of Violent Ken’s worst matches. It creates an interesting dynamic where Violent Ken beats Akuma, while Evil Ryu beats Violent Ken. I’m not too sure about Evil Ryu vs. Akuma though. I think a more disciplined Evil Ryu player can make that match even, but I get salty way too easily.

Landing Raging demon is worth losing shinkuu hadoken, and works best if your opponent is stuck guessing high-low. Or if you can get in one of the setups from the combo videos posted all over the Internet.

That’s all I got. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Uhh Akuma is top its not even close…


I think Akuma is still in the top spot if we consider the stay safe hit and run strategy thanks to the Air FB. I played so many Akuma’s and the most annoying players use him like a buffed up O.Ryu with Air FB as a main tool for zoning.

He does have a major weakness now lowest health/stun and dizzy.


If Akuma has meter, that’s when his air FBs are most annoying, since blocking a fireball will get you killed by a raging demon while you’re still in block stun. The only answer I’ve found is to take the damage from the FB since that will make the demon whiff.

Because of the air FBs, I also think Akuma vs. T. Hawk is probably one of the hardest matchups in the game. It makes me thankful that I’m not a T. Hawk main.


Yeah, I don’t think you’d get a lot of consensus on that tier list. From the people that have played the game on the No Honor Crew Facebook group, there’s a very high consensus that the new shotos are busted, Honda is worse in every conceivable way in both his bad and already good match-ups. Being able to tech out of holds hurts some characters immensely, especially Blanka and the Sim vs. Claw fight. This game is pretty much DOA from a competitive standpoint.


Tbh, I don’t remember any version of DOA where people complained about characters being busted as much as the new shotos/Akuma in USF2.

T. Hawk is garbage tier in this game imo. If he wasn’t in the game Blanka would easily be the worst character.

Where is the No Honor Crew Facebook group? Any place where I can talk/vent about USF2 is therapeutic at best.


He’s not making a real tier list any more than taking the top BP from SFIV would make one. I have no clue why he’s calling it a tier list even


Can’t speak for SFIV. The ranking system in USF2, and the penalties for ragequitting in USF2, do a great job of measuring how hard players push the game’s characters.


Pretty sure he meant DOA as in “dead on arrival” not “Dead Or Alive” the fighting game.


You’re a step ahead of me with your Ken and a step ahead of me in the forums. I tip my hat to you, sir.


Whoops. It turns out N.Sagat can do that. Check the ST wiki:


Then I guess someone needs to teach me the secret for the 2-hit cancel in OG ST (can do 1 hit) it’s really easy in USF2.


Just need an old sagat in USF2 to show these scrubs a lesson


First I want to say thanks, I was looking for a changelog and appreciate the effort, please keep up the good work. I also have a request; if possible could someone list the changes from an HDR perspective? I am kinda pissed they didn’t keep some aspects of that game or allow it as a mode like HDR allowed ST. It is the version I am most familiar with, and I’m probably not alone in that.

As for the tiers, I’d still put Akuma at the top, with V.Ken & E.Ryu trailing behind as 2nd and 3rd, respectively. E.Ryu seems to take more work to use effectively than V.Ken but their results are both outstanding.

I think Chun is absolute trash now, stored Super helped her immensely, as did her grab game. Upkicks always sucked, and now she has that shitty backflip kick you gotta be wary of using, not to mention she lost her stomp into SBK for “escape” (didn’t really work but it was better than nothing). Also, I like that SBK is better for getting Super faster now but it had some interesting gimmick utility which will be missed.

Deejay’s MGU seems useless now, unless I’m missing something, because I can’t combo into it now to save my life. It just hits once and leaves me open. Disappointing since he was my secondary. I think Vega, Honda, and Blanka seem to be indirectly nerfed since their grab game was great. Still above the likes of Chun/Cammy.

Haven’t really tried Bison yet too much but I imagine his grab game is in the toilet, and he relied on it heavily, at least I did. seems nerfed, not sure it juggles now…

The game is overall worse than HDR imo, and depending on who you main it may be worse than ST. As a Chun main I would probably prefer ST. Still, fun game. Hopefully another update or version comes along though.


While trying to research how to get all 4 hits for MGU I bumped into this YouTube video, which basically says to rapidly press fp,mp,lp,mp in that order repeatedly.

I have deemed this maneuver impossible on a Joycon or Pro Controller and only do the MGU by mistake whenever the Pro Controller reads an up input while trying to do a Max Out, which is a more common problem than you’d think.


Wow, that sounds annoying, and it does seem impossible on Joycons. I try to play casually since all I HAVE are Joycons but my (overly) competitive spirit kicks in lol. I feel like a noob, jumping all over the place, can’t even reliably special, let alone super or even block…I wish I had a real dpad.


I wasn’t planning on a HDR to USF2 changelog but if someone wants to do it I’ll add a section. While I personally loved it, most people here didn’t really care for HDR.


Okay, cool. Btw, does anyone know how to invite to friend matches?

Also, will you guys add me? SSj4_Ryuk.


HDR was best SF2 next to Hyper Fighting IMO. A changelog for it to Ultra though, like geez - did they keep anything from HDR other than a couple move motions?


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