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While trying to research how to get all 4 hits for MGU I bumped into this YouTube video, which basically says to rapidly press fp,mp,lp,mp in that order repeatedly.

I have deemed this maneuver impossible on a Joycon or Pro Controller and only do the MGU by mistake whenever the Pro Controller reads an up input while trying to do a Max Out, which is a more common problem than you’d think.


Wow, that sounds annoying, and it does seem impossible on Joycons. I try to play casually since all I HAVE are Joycons but my (overly) competitive spirit kicks in lol. I feel like a noob, jumping all over the place, can’t even reliably special, let alone super or even block…I wish I had a real dpad.


I wasn’t planning on a HDR to USF2 changelog but if someone wants to do it I’ll add a section. While I personally loved it, most people here didn’t really care for HDR.


Okay, cool. Btw, does anyone know how to invite to friend matches?

Also, will you guys add me? SSj4_Ryuk.


HDR was best SF2 next to Hyper Fighting IMO. A changelog for it to Ultra though, like geez - did they keep anything from HDR other than a couple move motions?


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Nope. That’s pretty much it besides Sim/Ken/Sagat getting to do reversal supers.




I can’t believe they’re still using those, geez. I’ll have to check, then. Thanks.


I knew there had to be something going on with the Pro controller d-pad. I often get random fireballs/dragon punches when I’m holding the down-back position.


Before I my brook UFB got switch compatibility, I was using the Pro controller. My issue was jump forwards didn’t register 1/10 times resulting in a neutral jump. Maddening.


No kidding! Remember when I was doing those full-screen Machine Gun Uppercuts and eating your hadokens?

Let’s just say it’s not because I think the MGU is projectile invulnerable… :expressionless:


Some mystery editor added some USF2 info to the ST wiki along with this list that I missed: I’ll be adding some new stuff.


Hi x64!

Here’s my attempt to list all the character changes that occured between HD Remix and USFII, which I’ve also posted at my blog.

  • is a buff, - is a nerf, +/- can be interpreted either way.


  • Loses fake fireball (qcf+lk).
  • Increased damage of hadoken and shakunetsu hadoken.


  • Input for crazy kicks changed to hcf+k, hcb+k and qcf+k instead of just qcf+k. Makes walkup tatsu impossible.

+/- Medium shoryuken now hits two times instead of one. Knocks down on second hit, not fully invulnerable on the way up.

  • Hard shoryuken has shorter arc, may leave opponent standing if third hit does not connect.

+/- Reduced range on hard tatsumaki senpukyaku, but increased its speed and doubled its stun value.

  • Throw traps from knee bash considerably less useful because of throw techs.

  • Reduced range on medium tatsumaki senpukyaku.

  • Increased range on light tatsumaki senpukyaku.

  • Increased damage and range of mk throw (knee bash).

  • Increased damage of hadoken.


  • Hard flash kick now travels high and up instead of far forward and diagonally up, with an extended hitbox to match medium and light flash kick.

+/- Upside down kick no longer an overhead, increased its priority, increased speed to 15 frames instead of 20 and reduced size of hurtbox.

+/- Super may not connect correctly all the time, charge d+df,f,uf+k option removed, damage increased substantially.

  • Increased damage of Sonic Boom.

E. Honda

  • no longer hits sweeps.

  • Throw traps considerably less useful because of throw techs.

  • Distance traveled when steering j.hp left or right reduced.

  • Can no longer “store” ochio throw by holding db after doing the controller motion, then pressing p when ready to do the throw

  • Doubled stun value of ochio throw.

+/- Hundred hand slap takes more button presses to come out, increased damage and priority.

  • Super can now be countered by opponent’s invulnerable move even if the first hit connects, no longer juggles for 50% (3-hits) from certain distances.

  • Light headbutt no longer projectile invulnerable.


  • Electricity takes more button presses to use.

  • Throw mixups and “roll into bite” considerably less useful because of throw techs.

+/- Horizontal rolling attack recovery time increased, no longer gets damage penalty if hit out of it but much easier to punish even if it connects.

+/- Increased range of light and medium horizontal rolling attack.

  • Increased startup and recovery time of rainbow roll, making it easy to hit Blanka out of it even if it connects.

+/- Can no longer hop with lp+lk, mp+mk or hp+hk, generates more super meter. Also decreased frames with foot invulnerability.

  • Increased startup time and recovery time of super, can now be punished even if it connects, does not always knock down the opponent.


  • Hcb+f,p and hcf+b p shortcuts for spinning piledriver removed.

  • Running grab and double suplex command changed to 360+k.

  • Removed lp+lk and hp+hk shortcuts for lariats.

  • Super motion changed to 720+p, making walkup super impractical.

  • Added 4 frames of recovery time to green hand.

  • Slowed down running bear grab.

  • Kick lariat no longer foot invulnerable during first rotation.

  • Punch lariat hitbox reduced so it no longer hits low attacks.

  • Reduced hitbox on, no longer extends all the way down.

  • Reduced hitbox on c.hp, making it a less viable anti-air.

  • Can now hop with b+mp, f+mp or b+hp in addition to f+hp, slowed down significantly, increased hurtbox making it easier to get countered by low moves.

Chun Li

+/- Added new move: df+mk (backflip).

+/- Lightning legs take more button presses to use, increased damage and stun value significantly, increased priority slightly.

  • Loses ability to “store” super, increased damage output.
  • Neckbreaker (df+hk) can now cross up in some situations, making it difficult to block.
  • Spinning bird kick now travels forward instead of an arc.

  • Can no longer do spinning bird kick after connecting with j.d+mk.

  • Increased damage of Kikoken.


  • Increased range on yoga noogie (mp throw).
  • Throw traps considerably less useful because of throw techs.
  • Damage increased on super, can no longer be thrown out of it, removed hurtbox at back of his head during super.

  • Increased meter gain from yoga flame and yoga blast.

  • Yoga flame changed from qcb+p to hcf+p.

  • Yoga blast changed from qcb+k tp hcb+k.

  • Super motion changed to hcfx2+p instead of hcbx2+p.

  • Yoga blast (upward flame) no longer travels upward.

  • Increased damage of yoga fire, yoga flame and yoga blast.


  • Hooligan combination changed from qcf+p to hcf+p.

  • Spinning backfist changed from qcb+p to hcb+p.

  • Spinning backfist no longer has lower body invulnerability, reduced hitbox on second hit.

  • Medium and hard spinning backfist no longer projectile invulnerable.

  • Spiral arrow less safe on block, must be carefully spaced to avoid punish.

  • Increased priority on light spiral arrow.

  • Cannon spike now safe on block.

  • Hitbox increased on

Dee Jay

  • Machine gun uppercut input changed; much more difficult to get all four hits unless you can easily piano all three punch buttons repeatedly.

  • Machine gun uppercut no longer destroys fireballs.

  • Damage and stun values for machine gun uppercut increased significantly.
  • Second hit of dread kicks much more difficult to connect, can now be countered easily if the first hit is blocked.

  • Medium and hard dread kicks no longer go over low attacks.

  • Increased damage of Max Out.

Fei Long

  • Input for Rekkukyaku (flying kicks) changed to hcf+k.

  • Reduced range on Rekkaken. Also more difficult to connect all three punches in series.

  • Meter gains increased on Shienkyaku (flame kick) and Rekkukyaku.

  • Can combo into Rekkaken after Rekkukyaku.

+/- Reduced range on super, but head is no longer vulnerable during 4th and 5th hit.

+/- Light Rekkukyaku has less frames of partial invulnerability, making them more susceptible to fireballs, but they are now safe on block.

  • Medium and hard Shienkyaku don’t always knock down.
  • Increased priority and reduced recovery time of Shienkyaku.
  • Can no longer juggle with Shienkyaku after Rekkukyaku.

T. Hawk

  • Throw setups considerably less useful because of throw techs.

  • Increased size of hurtbox when T. Hawk is standing still.

  • Reduced hitbox on elbow drop, c.lp,, close, close, neutral, neutral and far

  • Reduced hitbox and damage of neutral j.hp, neutral, diagonal j.hp and diagonal

  • Reduced hitbox for far, can no longer be special canceled.

  • Reduced hitbox, priority and reach of

  • Reduced active hitbox on

  • Reduced damage on close s.hp.

  • Reduced priority and damage on s.hp.

+/- Reduced hitbox on second hit of c.hp, increased its horizonal range on both hits.

+/- Increased range on far, but does less damage and will miss some crouching characters.

  • Reduced speed and damage of

  • Diagonal can not be cancelled.

  • Body slam (j.d+hp) does less damage and no longer crosses up against all characters.

  • All versions of Tomahawk Buster no longer guarantee knockdown on hit.

  • Reduced invincibility and damage from medium and hard versions of Tomahawk Buster.

  • No longer possible to do Mexican Typhoon with hcb,f+p or hcf,b+p.

  • No longer possible to do Super with hcbx2,f+p or hcfx2,b+p.

+/- Condor dive knocks down, no longer safe on block, bounces further back on block or hit.

  • Reduced recovery time after Condor Dive, allowing T. Hawk to land before opponent.

  • Whiff animation no longer occurs after missed Mexican Typhoon.

  • T. Hawk falls faster and lands closer to opponent after connected Mexican Typhoon or Super.


  • Increased throw range.

  • Increased super damage from 50% to 60%.

  • Low rush punch cancel into light headbutt is now safe on block.

  • Increased meter gain on headbutt and early levels of TAP.

  • Reduced recovery time on light and medium headbutt.

  • Medium headbutt no longer projectile invincible.

  • Throw traps considerably less useful because of throw techs.

  • No longer possible to charge TAP by holding down two buttons instead of three.


  • Flying Barcelona Attack knocks down on hit.
  • In Spain stage, Vega will climb the cage instead of bouncing off the wall during the Flying Barcelona Attack.

  • Removed fake wall dive (charge d+u,k, press k again when touching wall).

  • No longer possible to combo scarlet terror into scarlet terror except against larger characters.

  • Can no longer pick up the claw if dropped.


+/- Increased damage and recovery time on all tiger shots.

  • Reduced range of super, does not always knock down on hit.

  • Reduced damage on hard tiger uppercut, now hits multiple times.

  • Can no longer juggle multiple tiger knees.

  • Can now cancel second hit of
  • Can not cancel

M. Bison

  • Removed invulnerability frames in beginning of Devil’s Reverse.

  • Removed fake slide (df+hk).

  • Tick and cheese throws considerably less useful because of throw techs.

+/- Hard psycho crusher must be blocked twice, lands closer to opponent.

  • Removed juggling property of neutral (diagonal still juggles).

  • Reduced priority on s.lp.


  • Air fireball (zankuu hadouken) no longer causes hop effect, travels the length of the screen instead of a sharp downward angle.

  • Increased distance where gou hadouken causes massive knockback.

  • Input for Shakunetsu Hadoken changed from qcb+p to hcb+p.

  • Input window for shun goku satsu (Raging Demon) is noticeably more difficult.

  • Increased minimum height for zankuu Hadoken.

  • Increased damage of gou Hadoken, shakunetsu hadoken and zankuu hadoken.

Evil Ryu

  • Has 20% less HP and easier to dizzy than Ryu or Ken.

  • Also doesn’t have fake fireball (Like Ultra Ryu).

  • Increased forward walk speed.

+/- Loses Shinkuu Hadoken but gains Raging Demon (Shun Goku Satsu) super.

  • Air and ground Tatsumaki senpukyaku can now juggle into other tatsus or shoryuken.

  • Greatly increased damage of ground medium or hard tatsumaki senpukyaku when both hits come from outstretched leg instead of the knee.

+/- Reduced damage of medium shakunetsu hadoken, increased damage of hard shakunetsu hadoken. Both versions result in stunning animation.

  • New move: overhead kick (f+mk).

  • New teleport move: Ashura Senku (dp or rdp + two punches or two kicks).

  • Can do close versions of normals by pressing b+attack button. Expanded hitboxes on back normals.

Violent Ken

  • Has 20% less HP and easier to dizzy than Ryu or Ken.
  • Increased walk speed.

+/- Jump speed increased. Violent Ken rises and falls faster than any other shoto.

  • Can juggle with medium shoryuken if hitting opponent out of the air.

  • Increased damage on ground and air tatsumaki senpukyaku, knocks down on hit.

  • Changed trajectory of air tatsumaki senpukyaku horizontally towards opponent, even when jumping backwards.

  • New command dash move: Rasetsukyaku (dp+k).

  • New move: Inazuma kick (f+mk).

+/- New super move: Shinbu Messatsu (qcfx2+k). Replaces shoryu reppa for a move with more range and combo versatility but less damage.

A lot of changes! Please let me know if there’s anything missing/not 100% correct. Thanks to x64’s changelog from ST to USF2, the blog and the ST Wiki for helping with the research.


I’ll add it but I’m going to put it in a drop down box so the first post doesn’t take up the whole page. Thanks for the work!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


There’s been an influx of players increased in HDR lately.


Sweet i might setup my xbox360 again


In addition to mentioning that fireball damage is increased across the board, it’s also worth mentioning that throw damage has been reduced slightly across the board. It says so in Capcom’s USF2 Battle Tactics video.


Thanks ^ Also found a new thing today. In ST, when you get a dizzy off a throw, you cannot follow up that dizzy with another throw (you’ll just get the normal you used for the normal or command throw). In USF2, you can. This mainly affects Honda, since his ochio throw does so much stun.