USF2 Changelog and Wiki


Thanks ^ Also found a new thing today. In ST, when you get a dizzy off a throw, you cannot follow up that dizzy with another throw (you’ll just get the normal you used for the normal or command throw). In USF2, you can. This mainly affects Honda, since his ochio throw does so much stun.

It may be put as a secret group that you need an invite too. And yes, I was referring to the game as Dead on arrival. That group just pokes fun at USF2 since it it pretty busted and clearly aimed at casuals. Sorry for the delay in reply, I don’t come here often except for the wiki because NHC,Chicago Arcade FGC facebook groups and real life is where I get my discussion fix.

That’s actually kind of interesting, I’d have to think about how that plays out.


This is not really a game changing difference but I noticed Vega,Zangiefs and Hawks Super animation now register some hits in the combo meter just like SF4/SFV :expressionless:


I’ve updated the tier list for Ultra Street Fighter II based off of online data at which now looks like this:

A: Balrog, Chun Li, Ryu, Violent Ken
B: Zangief, Dee Jay, Guile
C: Akuma, Vega, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Ken
C-: M. Bison, Sagat, Fei Long
D : Evil Ryu, Cammy
F: Blanka, T. Hawk

This means Balrog and Chun Li are the first two characters to have more than 20,000 BPs online. They wouldn’t have been my first two guesses, but there you go. :slight_smile:


Again I would warn against drawing too much off of BP. The top Chun-li for example (I think his name is Branch or something) is really not a good Chun. On top of that, he’ll block you outright if you win too much against him. I also notice a lot of high BP/low PP among the top BP players, which like SF4 is something that is too easy to achieve and devalues BP.

On a separate note, I noticed you mention Balrog losing his “throw loops” on your blog. While he technically loses a safejump throw off his hold against mirror Rog and Fei, his throw loop game (walk under tick after throw) is still a strong as ever. At least that’s been my experience. I rarely if ever even get them teched.


Yeah i had the same experience with the Branch Chun. He will avoid you if you start beating him. Also dont see how Zangief would be B rank & is above Akuma. Akuma should be the very top.


I firmly believe that avoiding matches in the long term will either a) cause other characters to pass you in the ranks or b) cause another player playing your character to eventually pass you. Until then Branch is the best USF2 Chun Li in the world.

These numbers are made even crazier by that 18339BP Zangief player though. Has anyone played him? I’ve seen his matches online and his gameplay looks solid but I know videos don’t compare to playing them in person.


BPs are definitely easier to get than PP, that’s for sure. I hope the PP/BP system doesn’t encourage people to stop experimenting with more characters. And if you’re tier whoring, Balrog, Chun Li, Ryu and Violent Ken sound like a pretty good lineup.


Not sure if the following info useful but I’ve been testing how the new input leniency system works and to my shock it’s exactly like SF4 you can DP while crouching (DF,D,DF) you can SPD with only 4 directional inputs (F,B,D,U :o ) !


That SPD motion works in ST (which is also the optimal way to do it). One of the main things making old school SPD hard for noobs/pad warriors is the fact that diagonal inputs don’t count at all and skipping one of the 4 main directions (like going from DF to DB without going to D for at least one frame) renders your entire motion useless.

AFAIK the only diagonal inputs that work for SPD in this game are UF and UB after HCF/HCB. Otherwise, diagonal inputs pretty much don’t do anything.


Your right I just confirmed it in ST works like this F,D,B,U+P (Foward,Down,Back,Up+Punch) or the opposite but in USF2 it also works but you can start from Forward to Back and then go down and up + punch which I believe is just a result of the new leniency.


Coincidentally watched a Zangief vs Guile 10k money match with Itazan and Daigo. Crazy stuff.


On that note Branch’s 20000BP+ Chun Li was running away from my 1000BP Akuma in Ranked yesterday. :expressionless: It’s a shame, really. We both still have so much to learn.


Off topic: this game support/has a replay saving system?


Yes it does! For ranked/non-ranked netplay anyway. Forgot if you can record local matches.


lol, Branch Chun a scrub?


Will you guys add me? FC: SW-5274-7158-2805.


Added, though I’ll admit I stopped playing this game after it devolved to

  1. Playing matches against Violent Ken
  2. Players leaving matches if I picked Violent Ken

Broken character be broken, yo.


The “#1” Chun Li, named “branch,” is a real pussy. I usually run Violent Ken to see who the opponent mains, and if it isn’t a shoto (except Ryu maybe) I’ll generally switch to Chun next. I knew if Branch had a struggle against me he would run so I threw the Chun vs V.Ken double perfect to keep him interested in free points. As expected, I manipulated him flawlessly, I never saw someone click rematch so fast. I chose Chun next. After a struggle he ran away immediately, as expected. That stupid, predictable coward isn’t even too great, although he is admittedly pretty decent, but just not great. If he’d run 1st to 10 I am fairly certain I’d win, but you can’t even get the full 3 matches in with that scrub.

My name is now “branchPUSS” for the foreseeable future.


Lol yeah, don’t forget the tons of Akumas and Evil Ryu stragglers. It’s like Shoto Fighter now, more than ever.